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The Ideal Tips for Styling the Upcoming Tracksuit Trend

Just when everyone thought that the athleisure trend has reached its peak the fashion industry introduced a new sports luxe outerwear for women, something that is very much a reflection of the reviving 90’s trend, the infamous coverall, tracksuit. Don’t feel intimated if you want to try out this look because according to fashion gurus this new outfit has entered the athleisure trend in full force and is here to stay at least for two seasons due to its comfort factor and also the fact that it is available in a range of style. These wholesale tracksuits are an epitome of an outfit as it turns out to be a confluence of gender free dressing, laid back 90’s athletic inspiration and a hip-hop vibe.

This blog contains a few tips on how you can style the trend effortlessly.

Keep it fitted

As women, we love comfortable style alternatives. But in this case avoid baggy tracksuits as creates a lazy baggy look. Instead opt for a fitted look as it flatters the silhouette and will also make you look fetching. To finish of the look wear an all-white sneaker with it and Dutch braid and red lipstick.

Monochrome is cool

When wearing a tracksuit, co-ordinate a single color outfit. Monochromatic doesn’t always mean that you have to choose the neutral colors, pastels are a rage this season as well. In fact if you want to be experimental with your look then go for those in pop colors and you’re surely going to make heads turn.

Mix the textures

Show off your super girl powers by mixing up textures and motifs when you wear a tracksuit. This can be anything from a floral printed track jacket and pant to a lace detailed top as a funky inner wear, there are plenty of options to chose from. When you’re going bold with the look keep the make up minimal thus balanced.

Dress it up

Well, who doesn’t love to dress up their outfit. In this case the tracksuit can be dressed up as well with the help of a belly baring crop top and body chains. This look can be even lifted up with a classy pump shoes and made suitable for a fun night out with friends.

Embrace print

Make an impact with your outfit and let it reflect your personal aesthetic by choosing for fun and quirky prints. These can be anything from camo to couch florals to graphic print, well you can browse from a large collection to chose from. Always opt for a low key pair of shoes and let your outfit do the talking.

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