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3 Lightweight Customized Jackets Perfect for Hot Weather and How to Wear Them

Layering the clothes and hot weather doesn’t really set well with each other. There is a tendency that the former will end up in something highly uncomfortable. But you can’t let go of the bomber or the denim jacket that you acquired last season. Well, all hope is not lost. For all the jacket enthusiasts, there is good news as their favorite outerwears have been tweaked and are now being constructed with high-tech fabrics which work well with the summers. Thus, it can be said that summer jackets are not far-fetched at all. They have become a reality and we are dying to explore the options. But which are the jackets that you need? The ones that you can wear? Scroll down and read the given list. 3 stylish jackets, customized to look their best, are given along with a style tip on how to wear them correctly, rather appropriately so that you can be comfortable even when the mercury rises.

A denim jacket

For something as versatile as denim, they are perfect for a classy appearance. Denim usually has a soft touch and vouch for comfort. Use them as a layer and add volumes to your look. As for a customized one, you can opt for some cool patch works that will further elevate the overall design of the jacket. Team it with a pair of jeans (a shade darker than the jacket) and a white t-shirt so as to allow the jacket to be the star of our ensemble. You can further wear a pair of white trainers so as to appear spontaneous and breezy.

A bomber jacket

A customized jacket in the form of the bomber is the ultimate addition to your wardrobe and should become an essential if it is already not. The classic design and the military heritage lend them a smart rendition from their counterparts like the leather jacket. The sleekness of the bomber can be perfectly complemented when wearing them with a floral summer dress. While you stick to the summer staple with a breezy dress, the personalized bomber will act as an ideal layer. You can wear a pair of ballerinas to complete the look.

A hoodie

Not a regular outerwear, but functional nonetheless, a hoodie is everything you need to the beat the heat. When a hoodie is customized, it opens the spectrum to a plethora of possibilities. You can design it the way you want without any inhibition. Wear your hoodie (an oversized one is highly recommended) with a pair of leggings and sports bra. Athleisure at its best, this look will keep you cool (by providing undeniable comfort) while adding an obvious elegance. Wear a pair of trainers and walk out in style.

Thus, whichever jacket you plan to pick and style, make sure that they are worn correctly. Since these versions are crafted using lightweight fabrics you can rest assured on being relaxed all the time. With a number of celebrated manufacturers specializing in the craftsmanship of making lightweight summer jackets and custom tracksuit, interested retailers can purchase them at discounted prices. Bulk purchase can also be made after registering with them.