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    Become A Distributor

    We, at Oasis Jackets, are driven by the desire to provide business owners and retailers with the most fashionable and creative jacket pieces in bulk. As a well-known jacket store in the United States, we are growing and adding feathers to our hats one by one. We invite any entrepreneurs interested in entering the thriving jacket sector and all business owners looking to expand their operations to join one of our wholesale jacket distributors. We have a global network and are present in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

    Who could be interested in becoming our distributor?

    Our manufacturing center provides complete and assured provision for purchasing our flannel jackets, lifestyle jackets, and micro jackets in quantity at exciting and low wholesale prices and subsequently supplying them to various marketplaces.

    There are a couple of in which distributors can operate

    • You can also be a self-sufficient and independent entity that sells jackets directly to customers while retaining a profit margin for yourself.

    • You may be our low-cost wholesale jackets wholesalers, sprucing up the retail establishments’ inventories.

    Apart from regularly delivering fresh inventories of various products, we guarantee fantastic ROI and generous benefits if you work with us as a distributor. You may also count on our nimble staff to provide cutting-edge services.

    How can you become a distributor for us?

    Follow the below-mentioned steps to enroll in our distributor plan.

    • Fill up the business account application with your key and detailed data so that we can get a sense of your enterprise.

    • Our staff will investigate your qualifications and business policies after obtaining this information, and we will proceed.

    • It would help if you approached us for a proposal conversation to give us an idea of your bulk demand.

    • You must file a quotation request to obtain the distributor kit as well as the wholesale price.

    Why should you become a distributor with Oasis Jackets?

    As a reputable private label jacket manufacturer, you can count on us for the most high-quality jacket items. We have the most diverse selection of jackets ranging from wholesale bomber jackets to polar fleece jackets and more in a wide range of hues and designs. We are also making waves with our fitness-fashion apparel collection, like running jackets and sweats. So, become our jacket distributor if you want to make a name for yourself in the biz, with massive turnover and huge profits.

    What do we have to offer?

    • With a no-compromise attitude, we provide pre-and post-sale help.

    • Our sartorial customization options can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

    • The goods are of excellent quality, have a long lifespan, and are well-tailored.

    • We provide you with essential services in a timely and efficient manner.