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We, at Oasis Jackets, are one of the top-rated jacket manufacturing companies in the USA. We also offer shipping and distribution from coast to coast. We are a dedicated team that is focused on meeting the consumer’s needs in the best possible way. Over the years, we have effectively managed to push the traditional boundaries in the industry with our outstanding collection of products as well as services.

We are the number one manufacturer of bulk padding jackets

Combining the finest of material with state-of-art manufacturing practices, we go all-out to provide just the best quality wholesale padding jacket when it comes to our broad range of jackets. We make use of various kinds of top-rated material; all emphasize ventilation and active wicking traits, thus guaranteeing customers maximum comfort even in the worst of climates.

Take a look at our catalog and impress your customers

If you’re searching for a trustworthy source for bulk ordering padding jackets for your business, then we, a padding jacket manufacturer are here to guide you. We are the pioneers of the jacket industry and when you take a look at our inventory you will be impressed with our range of jacket pieces. From different styles to colors, we have jackets for men, women as well as a unisex collection for people who don’t want to choose.

We also offer custom jackets based on your customer’s needs

We offer bulk buyers the finest range of custom jackets wholesale that are designed with comprehensive functional qualities. We can also aid fulfil your custom jacket needs. For this, all you need to do is get in touch with the design team so that they can curate a signature set that will be in tune with your company’s aesthetics.

We are the top-notch private label jacket manufacturer in the USA

Why be like the rest when you can be a leader in the jacket industry? We, Oasis Jackets, do all our production in-house and offer you lots of flexibility when it comes to custom orders like the ability to use custom fabrics, colors, stitching, and patterns. You can pick to personalize one of our existing products in the catalog or we can also especially design something solely for you.

You can also become a distributor with us, just check the eligibility criterion and let’s talk!