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3 Types Of Leather Jackets: Pick The One That Foils Your Personality!

Introduced as military jackets back in the 1900s, popularised on screen by the likes of Harrison Ford and immortalised in the fashion world by the punk bands, leather jackets have an illustrious history. They have been here for a long time. No wonder they can withstand almost all the blows which the dynamism of the industry enforces upon them.

Leather jackets are of a number of types. It actually makes sense for everyone is different and prefers a different style. The kind of leather jacket you have in your wardrobe speaks a lot about your personal selection, about your personal choice. So before you invest into this classic fashion piece, here is a comprehensive guide list that will help you pick the jacket closest to your personal style and make a distinctive statement.

For the bad boy gone good

Biker leather jackets are one of the most popular forms of leather jacket that did well and is still doing well with the masses. It was pioneered in the USA and was immediately propagated and liked by the public of the 1920s.The feature of a biker jacket- it can easily translate your casual style to a formal one without much effort. So just slip into it and walk confidently it your workplace for the ultimate impact. You can opt for the conventional shades of black and tan with an addition of navy which looks extremely fancy.

For the sports inspired maniac

Varsity jackets were typically worn by the athletes in American high schools and universities as a sign of their achievement for the sports team. But there practical nature and stylish qualities were too hard for the fashion buffs to ignore and soon they became a part of the subculture fashion. They were viewed as a casual piece, worn with casual clothing. When combined with leather, they created a masterpiece that took the world by storm. From Australia to Italy, they are everywhere. The highlight is that they can be worn in any climate and will keep you snug and stylish, always!

For the spontaneous rocker guy

The pilots wore a special type of jacket during the war which came with an extra padding. The main motive of the jacket was to keep the pilots warm whilst they were up on the air. After the war was over, it was time for the fashion buffs all around the world to adopt the style and come up with the variations. But nothing can ever beat the classic! The definitive black texture of the bomber when worn with any casual clothing, it is bound to stand out. It gives that cool rocker guy vibe which is hard to deny. With customized leather jacket available with the manufacturers, these are sure worth the investment.

So pick the one that matches your personality, the one that will add to your style statement, the one that will amplify your appearance be it casual or formal. A number of jacket and hoodies manufacturers have a vast inventory from which retailers can purchase in bulk. They are worth the splurge and should definitely be a part of every man’s closet.