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3 Unique And Sophisticated Ways To Throw On A Suit Jacket

Very few know that an essential of almost every man’s wardrobe, a suit, can be broken up and worn in countless ways on different events and occasions, especially, a suit jacket. It might look like a plain and simple piece but it can be powerful and versatile when partnered with shirts, bottoms, or layers.

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A suit jacket when combined with clothing items like shorts, chinos, and jeans can give you attention-grabbing looks, thus making you stand apart in the crowd.

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Keep on reading to get some quality fashion tips.

Wearing a suit jacket with shorts

Okay, know this, very few men can pull off this look, so if you are confident enough, only then do you go for a try. This one suit jacket look is considered to be doubtful in terms of fashion by many men as it does goagainst the general suit rules. Actually, it’s not about wearing the suit jacket with the shorts, it’s about being able to sport this unusual look on the right occasion. It’s a more festive look and less formal. Here, it’s important to match the color of the suit jacket with the color of your shorts, and of course, the fitting matters as well! Since you are going to wear dress shorts with them, they should not only look tailored but should end right above your knees. Sneakers or loafers, there SHOULDN’T be any socks with them.

Wearing a suit jacket with chinos

The rules for wearing chinos are as same as denim but here, you are free to go with more eye-catching summer styling options.Consider partnering a navy suit jacket with grey, sand, or white colored chinos. If you are thinking about going for light-colored suit jackets, then make sure to pair them with dark-colored chinos. As chinos will always be best for casual settings, you can team them with suede loafers or white sneakers. These give off the ideal laid-back vibes that are great for both play and work.

Wearing a suit jacket with jeans

When it’s to that perfect smart-casual look, nothing can work better than a suit jacket with jeans combination. The only major rule to remember here is to never opt for baggy or ripped jeans while going for this look. Pick your denim wisely. A safe and classic option would be the Indigo denim as they match best with contrasting suit jacket colors such as green, grey, navy, or black. The pitch-black denim can also go well with the mentioned colors.

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