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3 Versatile Ways to Wear a Risky Tracksuit

When Will Smith made wearing track suits famous during the 90’s, it was widely accepted for men roaming the streets in extravagant pieces of velvet. Long before that, it was during the 70’s and 80’s (not so much) that the entire tracksuit trend had begun. They continued to make a mark on men’s wardrobe for years, but somehow the over-the-top fashion fell. However, a few seasons back, they were introduced in the fashion circuit; and it will be safe to declare that they have changed the fashion world again. But this time for the best!

Tracksuits are considered to be risky because of their extravagance. But if you master the art of taming them, you can turn every head on the street. Want to know how to accomplish this feat? Here is a list of ways to dawn a tracksuit.

#Just use the top

One of the safest ways to wear a tracksuit is to opt for the either top or bottom look. Pick the jacket of a custom tracksuit and throw it over your casual attire. A plain white tee, a pair of jeans and plimsolls. The jacket of the tracksuit is comfortable to wear and looks stylish when picked in dark and basic shades. Avoid any kind of embellishments to keep the look anchored.

#Just use the bottom

The joggers (the bottom of a tracksuit) are excellent fashion choices for all those who love to keep it simple and comfy. Team the pair with a plain t-shirt and a denim jacket on the top. It will add the required panache to your appearance. A pair of sneakers or loafers can work depending on the choice of occasion you plan to attend.

#Layer it up

If you are in a mood to experiment and want to take it a notch higher, then learn how to anchor your look. Layering up is always a great option for all, especially when wearing it with a tracksuit. Wear a t-shirt inside, for that is the simplest and easiest layer you can find. Pick the right footwear, for example, plimsolls or sneakers. No added accessories and you will be fine.

The key to wearing a tracksuit is to keep the look simple and not overcomplicate it. Once you master the art of simple dressing, a tracksuit will be just another daily wear for you.

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