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3 Ways To Rock The Classic Varsity Jackets This Summer

Varsity jackets or commonly known as Letterman jackets have come to become a strong symbol of the American college culture. Though introduced as an athletic piece, commonly worn by the school hunks, their popularity among the fashion enthusiast could not be contained. They soon became a staple and for years have remained so. Varsity jackets are definitely one of the most conquering jackets of all time.

With an illustrious history and a stylish design, varsity jackets are common among the fashion forward alpha male crowd. But the real question is how do you wear them? The sporty connections of these jackets cannot be ignored. So finding a balance, they can be incorporated with our regular wear. It is simple but tricky. All you need is a teaspoon of confidence, a full jug of advice and a pinch of sass.

For the One on the Field

Since the original jackets were for the college athletes, so styling your jacket with a pair of joggers to hit the field only makes sense. Since the rise of sportswear in the industry, the need for varsity jackets has also increased. You can wear a simple t-shirt inside the jacket, and pair of your sports shoes. Smart and elegant, whether you are in action or just cheering your favorite team, this look works just about fine.

For the One Everyday

Wholesale letterman jackets as created by prominent manufacturers retain much of the initial design of the jackets. So when opting for something momentously relaxed, team your varsity jacket with a crew neck t-shirt or a Henley inside and complete your look with a pair of jeans (straight fit) and plimsolls. This is perfect for activities of all kind for it promotes comfort. The varsity jacket becomes the hero of the guise effortlessly.

For the One in the Office

The varsity jackets are spontaneous in their approach and there is no doubt about that. But they underline versatility (see the connection in the name- varsity and versatility? Huh!). So exploit its adaptability by combining it with a smart t-shirt, a pair of jeans and brogue boots. With the footwear, you find the conventional touch, as the clothes stick to creating a breezy touch. The varsity jacket will add volumes of comfort and style to the entire ensemble.

On that note, make this summer a stand out one with the perfect varsity jackets. Wholesale jackets in an array of shades can be purchased from coveted manufacturers. Retailers looking to make a bulk purchase can secure massive discounts.

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