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4 Mind-Boggling Ways to Style Your Jean Jacket

If you know how to wear it, then a jean jacket can be the perfect and versatile clothing option for you. In fact, you can wear it with almost anything, from your chinos to your jeans, just make sure that you do it right. A globally-acclaimed jacket manufacturer comes with a wide range of one-of-a-kind wholesale jean jackets, that are available at an affordable price!

It’s true that styling it well can be a challenge, so if you are in need of some inspiration then make sure that you read the blog till the end.

A Weekend-Casual Look

Ruggedness and quality are all that are needed here. When you are thinking of wearing it as a part of your weekend-casual outfit, then it should be in its true element. Matching your jean jacket with cool and classy pieces will make you look great. Team your thick flannel shirt with a borg collar jean jacket. If you want then you can wear your flannel shirt open, with a simple white tee underneath. As for the bottom-wear, go for dark, straight-legged selvedge jeans. Finally, for the footwear, pick firm brown leather boots.

Go Black

A true fan of metal and punk? Attend every single concert of your favorite music bands? If you are thinking of going for a rock-and-roll look for the coming one then what can be better than dressing in black from head to toe? All-black is such a trend that is never going to go out of style. It creates the illusion of slim features as well. Throw on a black tee, wear your black jean jacket on top, wear dark-wash jeans, grab your new black leather Chelsea boots and you are good to go!

Layer in Style

There are plenty of reasons to love a jean jacket and layering comes at the top. In transitional conditions, it can serve as a rugged top layer, in warm weather, it’s better as a light layer, and when the weather becomes worse, it can serve as a mid-layer. These days, its cropped design and a low-profile fit, make it the best option to be paired with a casual tee or knitwear, while you wear your heavy huge winter coat on top! If you are confused with color and fabric then a suggestion would be to stick to a white tee, an indigo jacket, and a wool coat. Make sure that there is sufficient contrast with your jacket if you are going to opt for jeans.

A Tailored Look

It’s not true what others say! A jean jacket can very much be worn with tailoring, to be more precise, with your tailored trousers. To get this look, consider a dark jean jacket. Pick anything between grey, raw or black. Wear a crew-neck or rolled-neck jumper underneath and accessorize well to look your best, like add shades and a beanie to the outfit!

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