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5 Dressing Styles For Men Inspired By the Looks of None Other than Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is best known for his whimsical looks as ‘Jack Sparrow’, from the very famous Pirates of the Caribbean movies and we all know, that to predict what he would wear next is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Recently, his court hearings have brought the actor into the spotlight again, and his popularity is at an all-time high, as evident from the several fans who participated in celebrating his birthday online this year!

Since he totally mesmerizes us with his appearances and classic smile, in this article, we take a look at the several drool-worthy statement looks he has delivered over the last several decades and take inspiration from them.

What’s more? Everyone can find something brilliant from the little details that are generally woven into every look that he sports and if you are anything like us, you are hoping to extract a leaf from his style book and enhance your style game. So, dear men, get ready to turn several heads while you saunter around in these Johnny Depp-inspired looks!

johnny depp style

Read on to know the five of the most celebrated looks you can take inspiration from and jazz up your style game.

The Classic Rolled Sleeve Look

Mr. Depp’s most spotted look comprises of the formal shirt (be it the classic white, an iconic black, or his favorite stripes), with a waistcoat and the sleeves rolled up. This is also perhaps, his most iconic!

This look is apt for those, who do not want to wear a short-sleeved shirt but do not want to sport full-sleeves, either. Take a look at the man and roll your sleeves up! Transform the full-sleeved shirt into a short-sleeve done or go for the three-quartered messy look, and you are ready to roll in style!

When In Doubt, Go For Layers

The iconic Johnny Depp has always been the champion for layering, not only for the above-mentioned flamboyant one but also for several other layered looks that feature some timeless jackets and coats. Like wearing an oversized long coat with a dress shirt, waistcoat, and pants which he nearly twinned with his then-fiancé.

Perhaps one can very easily point out that layering with a jacket has been his most worn look. From sporting bomber jackets to wearing denim jackets, blazers, leather jackets, and more.

You can even go ahead and take inspiration from his bohemian looks, complete with an oversized jacket, chains, and the classic addition of a hat!

Just choose a jacket that suits your body and perfectly complements your style. Feel free to experiment with different textures, like Depp does, and get ready to bring you’re A-game to the occasion!

The Classic Denim Look

“Every day is denim day,” wise words spoken by the fashion legend, Iris Apfel herself. So, who we are to argue? Additionally, we are sure, Johnny approves too!

Sporting distressed denims with his iconic striped tees or wearing a pair of regular-fit denims with a plaid shirt, a classic white shirt, or a basic white tee, Mr. Depp has given us several denim looks over the years to drool over.

So, if you want to turn heads with one of his classic washed denim-on-denim looks, pair your ripped or distressed denims with a casual and comfortable denim shirt or choose a vintage denim jacket over a basic t-shirt. Keep the look minimalistic and let your personality shine through!

As we all know Mr. Depp is obsessed with his hats, you can even go ahead and add a denim hat to complete this look.

The Grunge Look

The 90s grunge looks are making a comeback this year, be it on the high street or the fashion runways. Additionally, actor Johnny Depp also played a seriously important role in creating and popularizing this look, back in the 90s. So, take a leaf from his stylebook and create your own.

Going by this very famous and talented actor, one must simply dive into it, to rock this look with panache.

So get ready to style a pair of denims with a chain detailing, add a basic tee and oversized flannel shirt or jacket, and embrace it all!

The Classic Three-Piece Suit

As we are all aware, the versatile Mr. Depp loves his three-piece suits as much as he likes his bohemian looks. Take, for example, his several charming three-piece suited looks on the red carpets and for film premieres!

So, embrace the suited look and bring out your best. For a formal evening, go for a polished and immaculate look, complete with a pocket square. Else, ditch the blazer and sport just the vest in a more relaxed setting. Both of which are approved by the man himself!

With these five classic styles, you can now raid your collection, and mix and match several styles, silhouettes, and colors. Pick out the styles you like the best, try them on, and see which ones you liked the most. Then, get ready to flaunt them in front of the world.

Additionally, as Johnny says, “I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.”

On that note, we encourage you to embrace your style and flaunt it with ease!

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