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6 Ways Women Can Look Better Than Guys In A Rocking Suit Jacket!

Suits are no longer a boy thing! Girls have shown that they can rock a suit jacket even better than the guys. Whether it is for an interview, a business meeting or just a formal party, suit jackets can help you create a style statement.

Now that jacket manufacturing companies are coming up with stylish jackets, you can simply find a wide variety of colours, designs and materials. But before that, check out the 6 ways you can rock in a suit jacket.

1. Make Sure It Fits Your Shoulder:

When buying suits you must check how it fits your shoulder. Don’t go too tight or too loose. Stick to a fitting that lets you move your arms freely. Once the shoulder is correct, the rest of the suit jacket will just fall in place. If you are buying women’s suit jackets from online stores, then check the size and pick the one that suits your needs.

2. Reverse The Tradition:

You can experiment by inverting the classic combination of a black suit and a white shirt. Wear white women’s suit jackets over black shirts and you can make yourself noticed and admired for your sense of style. This will add chic to your ordinary formal look.

3. Slim Fit Pants Teamed Up With Blazers:

Blazers are also as formal as the suits. You can team up your blazer with a pair of slim-fit jeans and look absolutely stunning. Make sure the blazer ends just below your bums making them look more attractive.

4. Don’t Tuck In Your T-Shirt Fully:

If you are wearing the suit jacket over a t-shirt, then opt for a half-tuck at the front. Tuck in your t-shirt under your abs and let the other sides hang loose. Now just slip into your nice suit jacket and see how awesome you will look.

5. Wide Leg Pants Are Also Good To Go:

You can also choose to wear wide-legged pants with your suit. Make sure you are wearing high heels with it. But make sure the hem of your pants is covering your toes.

6. Choose Bright Colours:

Bright colours can brighten up your mood. So, opt for hues like yellow or bright pink that will make you look more womanly. If you browse the category of women’s suit jackets at the online stores, you will find a wide variety of colours and designs.

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