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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Fabric for Your Varsity Jacket

Also known as the baseball or letterman jacket,a varsity jacket is a high fashion, cool item that is liked by almost everyone. Especially among school and college students, varsity jackets are very in. They are there from the time when young athletes wore these jackets in the 80s. Once often confused with the souvenir and bomber jacket, these days a varsity jacket means any collarless, button-up, sporty jacket, that can be crafted out of anything, from suede to jersey cotton. While previously they used to sport an unflattering and oversized fit, these days they flaunt a more shapely and slimmer cut.

The bulk varsity jackets brought by the famed jacket manufacturers today can be found in various prints and colors, and they are also very functional and comfortable. As mentioned earlier, varsity jackets are constructed out of different kinds of fabrics. Based on the purpose for which you are getting the jacket, the fabric should be selected accordingly.

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Wondering how to choose the top fabric for your varsity jacket? Read the blog!

Longevity Plays a Role

The fabric should be strong enough to last for a while.One of the primary reasons why such outerwear is in high demand is longevity. You know the longevity of the jacket fabric is good when the overall design and the fabric stitch are strong enough, the fabric is not very thin, and the color would not get faded from multiple washes.

About Variety

Based on the kind of fabric you are choosing, the variety of jackets gets restricted. When you want to get variety in design, then that can be limited by your choice of fabric. So, determine the texture and color of the varsity jacket first and then you go on to determine the kind of fabric you should be looking for.

Based on The Season

A varsity jacket is a type that can be used in almost every season. However, the season should be considered when you are purchasing such a jacket that you want to be practical. For example, you should stick to a thicker material if you are buying a jacket to wear during the colder months. Wool and the knitted material remain the best for winter.

What is the price?

One of the major reasons why people love to get varsity jackets is they are pretty reasonable at cost, even though the price range varies based on the quality of the fabric.However, if you want to get it cheap, make sure you consider the quality of the fabric once. Remember, materials that are warmer and last longer, will always be a bit costly.

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