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A Suit Jacket With Jeans? – How to Nail the Look

If you love the business casual style and want a break from the polo shirts and jeans at the office on Fridays, then consider opting for the suit jacket and jeans combination. Pairing the two pieces helps to strike the perfect balance between formal and casual.

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How to Wear a Suit Jacket With Jeans?

Are you thinking, “…but how exactly to wear a suit jacket with jeans?”

Keep in Mind These Few Tips Given Below:

  • You need to choose the right kind of suit jacket. You will not be able to create the perfect business casual style if it does not go well with the jeans. So, go for a fitted single-breasted suit jacket that contours to the natural shape of your body. Consider the material and whether it is appropriate for the season. Go for a color in a different shade than your shirt and jeans.
  • Choose a darker tone of denim instead of wearing light-colored denim jeans. As darker denim looks more formal than light denim, it will go well with the suit jacket. If you go for light-colored denim, your attire might look too casual and can stop you from achieving a business casual style. Indigo is a great denim color to wear with a suit jacket. And, if you aren’t into it, then you can safely opt for black.
  • Your jeans should display a form-fitting cut. Straight-legged jeans are just perfect as they sit close to your skin. They offer a relaxed fit. And, if you want a more skin-tight fit, then go for the skinny jeans. Straight-legged jeans remain straight throughout the legs, while skinny jeans become narrower through the legs. Though the difference is subtle, it affects both their level of comfort and looks when worn.
  • When wearing a suit jacket and jeans, you need to choose a shirt that perfectly goes with them, and what can be better than a dress shirt? Go for either a plaid, striped, or plain-colored dress shirt. Make sure the shade matches your jeans and suit jacket. Tuck it inside the jeans as it will offer you a cleaner and more cohesive style.
  • Always accessorize the jeans with a belt. It will help define your waistline, other than separating your jeans from your suit jacket. Match the color of your belt with your shoes.

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