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All About The Differences Between Down Jackets And Padded Jackets

Wondering if down jackets and padded jackets are the same? Well, they’re definitely not. Keep reading to find out what makes both of these layering pieces unique. If you’re a business owner, willing to upgrade your clothing line with jackets, do associate with the best among private label jacket manufacturers asap!

  • Coziness

Down jackets are usually warmer than padded jackets as the former is carefully crafted with feathers of goose or duck that enhances their warmth. These feathers consist of air pockets that make them excellent insulators for trapping your body’s heat to protect you from feeling cold. Padded jackets, being composed of an extra polysynthetic material filling are moderately warm but you’ll feel adequately comfortable in them if you combine them with multiple layers during winter.

  • Weight

As down jackets are woven with ultra-light feathers, these are extremely lightweight. Also, the lack of hoods, frills and inner pockets make these trendy jackets incredibly light to wear. Padded jackets tend to be heavier than down jackets as the former not only contain a filling on the inner side but are also designed with hoods, interior pockets and water-resistant lining.

  • Level of Compactness

The lighter weight of down jackets is what makes them exceptionally compact. You can easily stuff them into a little pouch for carrying, as opposed to padded jackets. Recently, as padded jackets are designed for mimicking down jackets to a certain extent, you’ll find their volume to be such that you can conveniently roll them up to occupy a small portion of your backpack.

  • Resistance to water

Waterproofing is not the best quality of down jackets. They take a lot of time to dry up, if they get wet. This makes these fashionable jackets better as mid-layers. Most of the modern padded jackets are constructed with premium waterproof materials. So, you can expect them to stay intact when exposed to rain or snow for an hour or more.

  • Maintenance effort

Padded jackets are simpler to maintain due to their robust structure unlike down jackets that are made with delicate feathers. You can’t wash your down jacket with other clothes and you definitely can’t apply your regular detergent for cleaning them. But as for padded jackets, you can put them into the washing machine without any hesitation.

  • Cost variation

Down jackets that are stitched with feathers are pricier than those that are made with polyester or nylon fabrics. On the other hand, your versatile padded jackets are cheaper than down jackets in general which makes them more convenient to source.

Both these jackets are now immensely popular among the fashion-forward crowd. But if you’re specifically looking for a jacket for hiking or trekking purpose, durable padded jackets are a reliable choice. You can wear both down jackets and padded jackets in winter for your casual outdoor plans.

Being a retailer, determined to bulk source down jackets and padded jackets, make sure to coordinate with a celebrated jacket supplier, also reckoned as a down jacket manufacturer. Such a jacket manufacturing hub will enable you to stash up uber-cool down jackets as well as stylish padded jackets in bold colors.

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