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Answering The Down Jacket And Windbreaker Confusion!

When it comes to utility jackets, nothing is as famous as the down jacket or the windbreaker jacket. Both of these are the kind that people never wear for style – but to get through in comfortable conditions during extremes of weather.

However, both these jackets strike some sort of confusion in the hearts of buyers. So, we decided to deal with it once and for all and address what works for when.

If you were among the confused, then now is a time as good as any to clear your doubts!

What are down jackets for?

When you want to understand what an apparel is for, you need to understand the concept of what down jackets are for. Here’s what you need to understand about how wholesale down jackets work.

It is basically made of nylon and polyester, and in between the material is filled with duck or goose feathers (famously called down), which give the wearer ultimate warmth.

Down is plucked from the wings and breasts of the goose, and that helps it give the highest warmth weight ratio for extremes of temperature.

Basically down jackets are a great match for the snowy wilderness and are resistant to compression which makes it easy to pack.

It is famously used for skiing or in heavy snowfall, which makes it one hell of an apparel to own if you are travelling to such weather regions.

Down jackets are also easily layered with many inner garments without much of a compressing discomfort in your body!

Understanding windbreaker jackets

Windbreakers on the other are made of lightweight polyester material and are designed in a way to protect the wearer from wind chill. It is also water proof and has elasticated wrists, waist, a front zipper, and hoodies.

It is also protected with an inner lining, which helps you take control of the chill and not be unprotected in the weather.

As the name of the jacket suggests, it is by far one of the best apparels you will need during your visit to a windy and wet weather!

Now that you have a fair understanding of both types, there is absolutely no reason why you should not understand which one is good for you. So, get shopping now depending on what kind of a requirement you have.

And if you are a traveller at heart, then you can just get both for yourself.

Are you a retailer?

Then get in touch in with a down and windbreaker manufacturer to get your bulk orders in time. It will make your collection of jackets a lot more complete and attract travelling customers as well, something that will reflect significantly on your profits.