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Best Men’s Varsity Jacket Style You Can Flaunt This Year

Men’s varsity jackets have come a long way from being a jock favorite outfit to being one of the popular casual clothing pieces. These are super comfortable in nature and most importantly available in unique styles that you cannot afford to miss. From being first established in the 1930′ the letterman jacket has been through a lot of changes, although the base style has remained the same.

Therefore, if you want to have a look at the products, make sure to contact varsity jackets wholesale manufacturers for the same. Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Sophisticated yet chic

If you want a sophisticated style for the office or the university then it will be advisable to opt for such varsity jackets that are made with suede and has unique leather sleeves. This outfit is perfect to be worn with jeans as well as chino pants.

You can either opt for a monochromatic look or stick to something like shades of grey.

Modern street style

If you varsity jackets that reflect the modern street style then opt for something in an all black or a navy blue. You can either wear these with classic denim pants or even trousers. To allow your outfit to stand out , make sure to opt for a stick to a clean style which is devoid of any kinds of prints.

Layer game on!

If you like to layer your outfits in interesting pieces then it will be advisable to create an ombre palette with your clothing. Hence, all you need to do is opt for a blue jacket with cream white sleeves. Layer it on top of a pastel blue tee and dark wash blue jeans.

This outfit is most suitable to be worn for a date as well as a road trip with friends. For the shoes, you can either opt for a pair of converse or even sneakers with neon detailing.

Eco -conscious

If you want to imbibe some green aspect into your clothing, then it will be advisable to such pieces that has elements of the color that are not bold. Hence you either opt for pistachio green jackets or even pastel shades.

For those who like to dress up in dark colors, emerald green seems just fine. For such jackets the best way to balance out the look is by opting for light colored pants like a pair of chinos to complete the look.

Classic monochromatic

Rich textual tones of beige, oatmeal melange and even ivory are exactly what you need for the transitional shift from spring to summer. These colors are super cute and versatile as well. Hence, all you need to do is style them accordingly with dark colored pants to complete the look.

Bouquet of prints

Don’t be afraid to imbibe some unique prints into your clothing. Hence, one of the best way to introduce it into your wardrobe is with the help of varsity jackets. Hence, the best way to style them is with the help of a dark colored pants.

Business owners who want to include trendy varsity jackets in their store, can get in touch with one of the popular sports jackets manufacturers in the industry. All you need to do is have a look through the large collection of clothing. After doing so state the bulk needs to the customer care team for the same.