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Blazers Vs Suit Jackets: Is There Any Difference Between The Two

Blazers and suit jackets are essential pieces of menswear, which can elevate any outfit.

Now, many think that the blazers and the suit jackets are the same, with just one prime difference between the two— the blazers can be worn with mismatched pieces and the suit jackets need to be worn with only a suit. But, are they really the same? Is that the only difference? No!

Where Lies the Difference?

The Origin

The term ‘blazer‘ was first used around 1825 to define the red blazers that were worn by the members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club. This term was used because of the vibrant red material that was used to create them.

It was only at the end of the 14th C that the term ‘jaquette‘ first came into use. This particular thing was longer than what you see today as it could reach down to the knees. Moreover, it was padded, embroidered, and lined in fur.

Men’s outerwear evolved over time. What are the main differences these days?

What Is A Blazer?

A blazer can be easily worn with mismatched trousers. It’s defined by its solid color and metal buttons (conventionally 4 or 6 on a double-breasted one and 2 or 3 on a single-breasted one).

What Is A Suit Jacket?

The outerwear belonging to an entire look comprising a jacket, trousers, and sometimes a vest is called a suit jacket. It’s supposed to be worn with matching trousers to get the perfect formal look.

The Insides

Blazers look less formal than suit jackets. It is unlined, unpadded, and the lapels are not edge-stitched. They are light and comfortable, and you can wear them over multiple clothing items.

The stitching of the lapels and the interior lining are the main details of a suit jacket. Such a jacket has a snugger fit than a blazer. You can’t really wear it over anything else except a shirt.

The Shoulders

A blazer is often tailored with shirt-shoulders, as in the additional fabric is pushed under the shoulder. The piece has a softer look, following the natural shape of your shoulders.

You will often see that the shoulders in the Italian suit jackets are typically ‘a rollino‘. They are accurately and slowly made with hands. Here, the shoulders have a rounded look and the entire shape of the jacket is structured and well-defined.


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When Can You Wear A Blazer?

The blazer is a versatile piece and can be worn in both casual as well as in formal events. However, it is less formal than a suit jacket, so more suitable for weekend activities than for meetings and conferences.

When Can You Wear A Suit Jacket?

It is the perfect piece for all formal occasions. They are especially the best for everyday business meetings.

With all the prime differences now clear to you, the next time you go shopping, you will be able to make a more informed decision.