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Classic Leather Jacket Looks Of Famed Stars From Some Iconic Movies

Love to wear leather jackets? So crazy that even for a wedding you feel like throwing on one? Understandable. After all, this rough and tough, uber-cool item brought by famed leather jackets suppliers is truly attractive to almost every man.

For military pilots, leather jackets made their debut in the 1930s.These jackets have come a long way since then and have turned into a trendy, cool fashion statement for many people.

You can often notice your favorite celebs wearing these jackets, both in their reel and real life, on special occasions like movie screenings and in their day-to-day activities.

If you want to wear it like them, then here are a few stars to take inspiration from:

Tom Cruise

Be it in his personal life or on screen, Tom cruise rocks an iconic leather jacket with a sense of style. Right from the age of 19, i.e the time he first entered the film industry, he has been known for his cool fashion sense and for looking beyond handsome. When it’s a discussion about Cruise and leather jackets, how can one miss his look in Top Gun? Yes, the time when he wore a black army leather jacket partnered with slim jeans and aviator glasses, which is one of his most talked-about looks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The very appeal of leather jackets lies in their rough and tough image and most will agree that no one can look more perfect in it than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether it’s Commando, Predator, or the Terminator series, the man proved every time that he’s the very epitome of hotness. If you have watched all the parts of Terminator, then you must have noticed his leather biker jackets. In combination with his aviators, those looks are one of cinema’s most classic looks.

Chris Evans

Captain America’, one of the world’s most attractive men, rocks a leather jacket look both on and off-screen. Over the years, Chris Evans has starred in many movies, but in the titular role in Captain America, people saw him in a vintage leather army jacket. Even off-screen, Evans has shown his love for these jackets and looks just the best in a brown-shade jacket with a basic tee and classic jeans.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Okay, leather jacket plus Leonardo Di Caprio equals The Departed. It’s not that he wears these jackets only while shooting, but he loves to wear them off-screen as well. He goes more for a retro look that ultimately creates a classic aesthetic. You can often notice cowhide leather and detailed stitching, that further enhances the vintage look.

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