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How a Leather Jacket Should Fit

Over time, leather will stretch, so you do not want to get one that is too big, but then, you don’t want something that is too small either. When you are trying to find the correct fit, remember that it’s vital to allow room for layers under your leather jacket.

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Achieving the Correct Fit

So, how to achieve the correct fit? What to do? To know it all, continue reading.

The sleeves of your leather jacket should end at your wrist. If they are shorter, your underneath layers will stick out, which won’t make you look good at all. Sleeves that go past your wrists give the impression that you are wearing a borrowed jacket from someone else.

Your leather jacket’s bottom should not reach below the bottom of your belt. Okay, coming to the top of your thigh is still acceptable. Yes, to some of you, this might appear to be a bit too short but unless you are wearing a long leather trench coat, you shouldn’t go for a hem length that goes below the belt.

Leather jackets should give you a snug fit around your chest. Here, you also need to consider the kinds of layers you want to wear underneath. Keep in mind that you should be able to comfortably button or zip your jacket all the way up, i.e. even if you are the type who likes to wear it open.

It is okay if the seams of the shoulders come down your arms a few inches. If it’s higher than your shoulder, then your jacket is too small.

Know Your Measurements

You must know your measurements if you are a person who likes to shop online more. This will help ensure a great fit.

  • Use a paper or cloth measuring tape to measure yourself.
  • Measure the complete circumference of your chest.
  • Measure the full circumference of your natural waist when measuring the waist. If you are wondering what exactly ‘’natural waist’’ means, it comes right below your rib cage and above your belly button. If you are still not sure where to measure, bend to the side and your natural waistline is where your crease line forms.
  • To get an accurate measurement of sleeve length is tough, so you can ask someone to do it for you.

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