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How To Get Yourself The Perfect Rain Jacket This Rainy Season

Rain wear is categorized into three extensive groups: waterproof, waterproof and breathable and water-resistant. Which group is correct for you to depend on how much time you are going to be spending in the rain and the intensity of your activity?

So the three major categories are:

Waterproof Raincoat

The iconic PVC vinyl rain jacket sported by your neighborhood crossing guard is the typical example of a non-breathable rain jacket. It will keep you arid during low-impact activities like light walking around the town, but if you plan on to hike a mountain, it just won’t do.

The one kind of non-breathable rain wear that one of the popular rain jacket manufacturers does carry is the poncho. As it is open beneath, a poncho, has good ventilation, and it is long enough to wrap most of your lower torso. As a further bonus, if you are sporting a pack, you can throw the poncho over that too.

Waterproof and Breathable Raincoat

Kayaking, backpacking, hiking, running the list goes on. If you play hard or exercise in the outdoors and aren’t frightened off by a bit of rain, go for outer clothing that is both breathable and waterproof.

Water-resistant Raincoat

Made to keep you arid in light rain or drizzle, water-resistant outerwear is very breathable and generally less costly than breathable, waterproof outerwear. Someone bike racing or adventure racing in the rain may perspire at a bigger rate than a breathable, waterproof jacket can handle. For that cause, they would be better off with something more breathable and less waterproof.

Windbreakers and soft shells are two examples of water-resistant outerwear.
Thus, business owners and retailers who wish to include versatile and trendy wholesale rain jackets before the season commences can contact one of the famous wholesale outerwear distributors. Browse through the collection and single out the pieces needed and mention your bulk need to their support team and they will reach out to you for the same.