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Investing in Custom Jackets for Branding: Crucial Tips and Suggestions

You can truly enhance the picture of your brand and reap many benefits for your company by giving employees a custom jacket with your company’s logo on it. Not to mention, the outfit of your employees looks complete with the addition of a personalized jacket.

Custom jackets can greatly improve the image and presence of your business. Other than creating a unique website and a business logo, creating innovative and quality customized jackets can help you grow your brand and draw attention to your products or services. With hardworking custom jacket manufacturers coming with loads of options these days, adding a brand-consistent, stylish, and refined jacket to your work uniform was never more convenient.

Note: It will depend on your own personal preference and business requirements as to what type of jackets you should customize. Still, if you want some suggestions then here are the top 3 types that are popular for best customization for business:

  • Padded Jackets

Padded jackets are moderate to heavy outerwear that is designed with boards of heated covering for enhanced comfort and heat retention. They mostly come with two midriff pouches and a hood as standard features, with extra features based on the manufacturer creating them. They are great for both men and women and are well-known for their comfortable, warm fit during the chillier months.

Suitable for? –These jackets are best suitable for people who need to visit open spaces as part of their job responsibilities or have to work outside for long hours. Why? Because they ensure utmost warmth and comfort. These jackets also work well with shirts as they smoothly bridge the gap between a thin business soft layer and a thick outer layer.

The best way to customize these jackets – Printing or embroidery is great. Place the extraordinary jacket logo on the chest area.

  • Softshell Jackets

For almost any company’s formal wear collection, softshell jackets work as smoothly as butter. Reason? They are water-resistant, warm, comfortable, and lightweight. Thanks to their adaptability, they are chosen by business owners from various sectors. They are fashionable and very in-trend, so they will not appear a misfit in a work setting.

Suitable for? – As already stated, they are great for any kind of business.

The best way to customize these jackets – To compliment your current work uniforms and meet the work ambiance, you can customize the softshell jackets in different prints, colors, and designs, including different features as well. About the logo, you can put a tiny, understated one on the chest or on the back side, right at the center.

  • Heavy-Duty Outdoor Jackets

To deal with nasty weather conditions, especially strong winds, and thunderstorms, nothing can be better than heavy-duty outdoor jackets. These hooded, water-resistant, and heavy jackets can protect employees from the worst weather conditions. Do not worry, no more are those days when these jackets were feared as burdensome on the body, but with the advancement in technology, they can protect you from bad weather all the while keeping you comfortable and cozy.

Suitable for? – Just like padded jackets, these jackets are best suitable for employees who need to work outside, though heavy-duty outdoor jackets are more reliable for absolutely unbearable weather.

The best way to customize these jackets – Instead of embroidering the logo, think about printing it. It will look great in vibrant colors.

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