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It’s Time You Know Your Jacket

Jacket is one of those fashion wears that can never be passe. Comfortable, stylish and finely tailored, jackets make an essential wardrobe staple of every man and woman alike. However, all you beautiful ladies out there, knowing one’s jacket is also of immense help, especially during travels, since they help you to pack smart and efficiently.

So, stop fretting over which jacket to pack in for your next vacation, and let us solve this dilemma for you—

Printed Jackets

These generally come in lighter fabric, and hence, if you’re planning to travel to any coastal areas or any place during the summers, then let this take a special place in your suitcase. Light and comfortable, these sublimated jackets come in various prints and designs to suit your personality, and are perfect for those chic dinner parties and late night cruises.

Biker Leather Jackets

Are you going on a road trip with friends across a country? Well, then be prepared to face all the weather conditions with leather jackets. Be it those studded biker ones or the well cut long coats, leather jackets not only keep you away from bitter cold but also make you look ravishing! So, if you’re planning a trip up in the mountains, do get hold of this one. Custom leather jackets are also available nowadays which fit you like a dream and make you look nothing short of perfect.

Varsity Jackets

If you think that varsity jackets are restricted to be used by the sports persons, then you’re mistaking. With varied types of colorful and printed varsity jackets nowadays, you are simply left spoilt for choices. Wear them over your dressy maxi dress or your ripped jeans or even over a dressy trouser-shirt combo to look bold and beautiful. Nowadays, custom varsity jackets are also available where you can create your own design and be unique!

Light Cotton Jackets

For those vacations during the summers or for a trip to the conservative countries, packing in light jackets in cotton or any other light fabric comes in handy. Layering of such jackets enhances your style statement without making you feel uncomfortable or look odd. Buy them in myriad colors and prints, and make sure you add in more tribal printed ones in brighter hues. Wear it above your black maxi or your simple denim and tee to carve out a great statement on the go!