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Parka Vs Puffer Jacket – Understanding The Key Differences!

Struggling over the choice of the right winter jacket? Well, both parkas and puffer jackets are common options as winterwear but to make the right selection, you need to have an idea about their features. One thing that’s for certain is that parkas are longer and bulkier than puffer jackets and consist of a fur hood. Stick around to know further about this.

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Uniqueness of Parkas

A parka is a cozy hooded jacket or coat that is both windproof and waterproof. These knee-length warm coats are woven with thick synthetic fibers and comprise of a hood with faux fur lining for protecting your face from chilly winds and freezing temperature. These jackets can usually be buttoned or zipped up to your chin to offer added protection. Oversized parkas are practical fashion pieces that both men and women prefer to wear. Two commonly found parka designs are the snorktail and fishtail parka.

Uniqueness of puffer jackets

Also called quilted jackets, a puffer jacket is a waterproof layering apparel that’s filled with insulation or down fibers that gives it a puffed-up display. The padded design of these jackets is what distinguishes them from other jackets. A significant feature of these jackets is that they are exceptionally warm despite being lightweight. The warmth is due to the insulation materials. The high neck of these jackets protects the wearer from biting winds. Some puffer jackets are designed with hoods while others are not.

3 Main Differences Between The Two

  • Length – Parkas are generally longer than puffer jackets. The former has mid-thigh length while puffer jackets are usually shorter.
  • Weight – Despite the puffed-up appeal, puffer jackets are lighter than parka jackets.
  • Hood– Parkas have a large hood which are either fur-lined or showcase faux fur detailing.

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