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Private Label Vs White Label: Where Lies The Difference

Whenever it is about bulk buying jackets for your business, do you often wonder what is the difference between private label and white label? If yes, then in this blog, you are going to get all your answers today.

What is Meant by Private Labeling?

Private labeling involves manufacturing items that are custom-made for a particular brand. While the basic outline remains the same, it’s possible to tweak the design and other product attributes to align with the vision of a brand.


  • It’s the perfect blend of customization and cost-saving
  • You have control over pricing and profitability


  • Often, generating samples can take some time and it might lead to added costs
  • Results in potentially longer production timelines, because of customization.

What is Meant by White Labeling?

The practice of creating generic products, basically designed for branding by multiple business owners, is called white labeling. These items do allow branding alterations but there are restrictions on changing the core item itself.


  • The products are more affordable as customization is minimal
  • Faster product creation due to existing factory settings


  • With a white label business model, you will have little control over the product’s quality
  • White label items are generic and only the brand you place on them differentiates them

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The Main Difference Between These Two Business Models

Private label items are designed and manufactured, particularly for one retailer or brand. This business model allows for wide customization, which ranges from the core formula of the product to the packaging design. This of course helps with exclusivity but the tailored approach can slow down the production procedure and increase costs due to innovative specifications.

White label items largely refer to generic products that are manufactured in bulk and are customized minimally, mostly in branding and packaging. These items can be offered to a wide range of retailers. Since there is less room for innovative specifications, it results in quicker production times.

Why Private Label Items Are Often More Expensive Than White Label Items

Controlling the financial intricacies of branding can be something. Now, a question that is asked by many is— “Why private label items tend to be costlier than their white label counterparts?”

The answer lies in customization.

Private label items are open for tailor-made specifications, thus needing more detailed alterations in the manufacturing procedure. They are uniquely made for a particular brand. In addition, the research and development phase for these items often demands more resources, both in money and time, which again adds to their overall cost.

Private Label or White Label: Which One is Right for You?

If you prioritize brand differentiation and would like to stand out from the crowd, then private labeling is meant for you, and if you are on a tight budget and need your order in less amount of time, then you should go for white labeling.

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