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Save Your Style By Saying ‘NO’ To These Tracksuits!

Talking about bad track suits, our mind often drifts to the dazzling pink number sported by none other than Paris Hilton way back in the early 2000s. For regular people who believe that tracksuits are no nonsense activity wear that is best when carried by no nonsense athletes / sportspeople / fitness enthusiasts, encountering such outrageous disasters can be practically heart breaking. There is no harm in making tracksuits a little more edgy and a little high on style. But when the idea of ‘edgy’ breaks all boundaries of sanity, it is time to say a firm ‘no’ to these options than go ahead and spend money on them…

Silk track suits – If you really come to think of it, what purpose do silk tracksuits serve anyway other than making the wearers look like underworld drug lords. Silk is never compatible with athletic purposes where the wearers are expected to bathe in perspiration. Being track suits, they are the worst options to carry to events and occasions. Basically, it is a cringe worthy waste that wholesale tracksuit manufacturers rightfully refuse to manufacture.

Floral prints! Someone could just die laughing. Somehow pitting floral prints on tracksuits can be as good as stuffing your turkey with ice cream. You can actually locate these options of sheer ridiculousness in a number of online shopping sites. Try it if you dare…

Clear track suits – Seriously… WHAT! Yes, clear track suits are exactly like what they sound. A number of enthusiastic manufacturers are manufacturing them while sellers are gleefully putting them on their shelves. No one knows what purpose these obscenities serve, but they certainly produce a head turning and brain numbing impact on onlookers. No one… absolutely no one should wear them to the tracks solely for the sake of staying safe from heat strokes.

Snake skin and leopard print – Snake skin and leopard prints are best when snakes and leopards are wearing them, respectively. These options look bad enough in jackets, shoes and under pants. When introduced in tracksuits, they result in criminal torture of sports fashion. Even rap stars have stopped wearing animal print tracksuits; and any future enthusiasts should take this clue very seriously.

Tracksters- Tracksuit top + hipsters for MEN! True to the last word. These abominations are available and certain high street fashion houses are into manufacturing them. All thanks to self respecting lovers of tracksuits per se, only a handful were discovered wearing them, and lets all hope that Ebola and tricksters never show their ugly faces anywhere in the world ever again.