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Seven Days And Seven Ways To Wear a Classic Black Leather Jacket!

There is something perennially sexy about a woman wearing leather jackets. Since their inception in the early 1900s, leather jackets have been deemed as one of the most notoriously popular clothing piece. They are fashionable and elegant even at their primary root. And gone are the days when they could only be worn by the military personnel during the winters. Fashion buffs from Australia to the United Kingdom, USA to India, have grown to like them and their popularity is unmatched. They have now become a symbol of being cool and versatile. Having being popular for the last few seasons and being on the epitome of its fashion career, they blend well with almost all other outfits. So without much ado, here is a list of seven ways in which you can wear a leather jacket. The catch: each look is dedicated to one particular day of the week. One leather jacket and you will definitely be on the top of the game by the end of the week.

Chic Monday

If you are not a sucker for looking extremely rough, then incorporating a leather jacket to your dress outfit for a feminine finish is easy. All you need to do is pick a simple white summer dress in solid hues, preferably light in tone and texture, and throw over the jacket casually on top. The look will be complete when you opt for a pair of nude pumps. A modest neckpiece and an oversized bag will render you ready for a good start to the week. This approach is chic and modish and will definitely help you garner compliments.

Elegant Tuesday

Look like a winner on the second day of the week. This dress ensemble is very CEO inspired but is approved by the fashion enthusiasts. An all-black look can never go wrong. Choosing a little black dress and slipping into the sleek jacket on top will give you a fashionable approach. A pair of black pumps will amplify the outfit. Tone down the accessories to avoid looking flashy. You can just carry a handbag to appear nifty and sophisticated.

Work hard Wednesday

The middle of the week may feel like a drag with mountain loads of work. So dress natural for that effortless look. Team a white t-shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans and the black leather jacket. This is the favourite ensemble for most as it is not only stylish but extremely comfortable as well. You can complete the spontaneous look with a pair of ballerinas. Aviators and an oversized bag will be the perfect pick for accoutrements when hitting the office on the third day of the week.

Being ath-leisure Thursday

With just one day left for the weekends to hit, this is the day to take things easy. (Read relaxed!) This is the day to go for the athleisure trend. So take out a tank top and a pair of tights, all in black, and wear the leather jacket on top to look absolutely stunning. A pair of sneakers in black and retro sunglasses will help you give off some serious 80s inspired vibes. This outfit is very practical while making a distinct style statement for you.

Friday funday

Friday means less work. Friday means jamboree. Friday means celebrations. Friday means casual clothing at their best. A pair of jeans, a black tee and a black leather jacket. Voila! You are ready for a super fun Friday. This ensemble is perfect for the post work party session that you plan to continue with your friends. A pair of black sneakers will amplify the spontaneity of the appearance whereas going minus the accessories will make you stand out in the crowd everywhere you go.

Shine on Saturday

On this day of the week, you can let your fun personality shine through by picking up statement clothing. A black top tucked with a plaid skater skirt and a sleek leather jacket on the top will put you right on the edge. Complement your outfit coupling with a pair of ankle length boots for the ultimate panache. Junk jewellery will oomph up your sex appeal. You can opt for customized leather jacket for a touch of quirkiness to the look.

Sexy Sunday

Be it on a chilly month or a warmer one, you would love this look for the last day of the week. Less is more is perfectly applicable for this outfit. Wear a halter neck white dress with plunging neckline and throw over the leather jacket for a sleek finish. For footwear you can pick a pair of black pumps to complete a simple yet ravishing appearance.

So one week and seven different appearances. You are definitely to appear on the top of the game. A number of manufacturers have gathered a vast range of products that include custom tracksuits, jackets and hoodies that can be purchased from them in bulk by retailers. Striking discounts are available on them if register today!