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Sport A Trendy Look With Quilted Jackets

Going out to a cold place for a holiday? Or is winter approaching in your hometown? In either case, you’ll need wholesale quilted jackets to keep you well protected from the adverse climatic conditions.

What is quilted jacket?

Also known as down jackets, these are filled with down feather that give you added thermal insulation. Quilting refers to any run of stitching that could be decorative or in a straight run. It combines two layers of cloth and you’ll find padding layer or interlining in between. The in between layer could consist of cotton, wool, feather or down.

Advantages of quilted jacket

These jackets are versatile, shower proof, warm and hence a great companion for travelling, driving and outdoor use. Hence these are a must have in all wardrobes. These jackets are available in lighter versions as well which provide great thermal insulation as well. Such lightweight jackets are the ones that are preferred while you out on a trip or excursion. Whether you are going to a snowy place or a cold hill station, this jacket will be extremely useful for you. Moreover, these jackets are unisex which implies that they can be worn by anyone.

Various styles available

These jackets come in unlimited styles and cuts. Most quilted jackets are cut little roomierthan a sportscoat. But it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide before making your final choice. Also, it depends on how you are going to use the jacket. If you are going to use it over a sweater or a sports coat, then you’ll obviously need one that has longer arms and body. Some jakcets have additional features like shoulder padding which makes them even more comfortable and give you added warmth. As such, there are plenty of material choices available for these jackets. The colour and pattern also are innumerable. But among all, a brown quilted jacket is a must have in all wardrobes since brown is a neutral colour and goes with a wide array of bottoms.

If you own a retail store or are into clothing business, then these jackets can provide you with the perfect business opportunity. You can contact online any leading manufacturer or supplier, and get your stock of wholesale quilted jacket at the best possible prices and make great deals out of it.