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Stay High on the Fashion Quotient with Trendy Jackets!

A jacket is a fashion accessory that can bring out your one-of-a-kind sense of style. However ordinary your attire may be, a stylish jacket over it can fix millions of eyes on you. The current trend has welcomed various jackets and has brought in unique designs in the global market. These have gained an iconic status from the movie stars who are frequently seen in leather coats or stylish Down jackets. From James Bond to Indiana Jones, one thing is common among the heroes of the timeless tales – the jackets.

What gives a movie star a celebrity status is the way he looks on screen and even when he is making a public appearance. From black and white movies to the post modern sci-fi flicks, overcoats have not lost its glory. They are still holding their charm in the present day movies. Imagine how Sherlock Holmes would look without that pipe in his mouth and the brown colored leather overcoat. Unimaginable, right? Similarly, if you too want to make a style statement, you can easily resort to the jackets that come in various cuts and patterns from the online jacket suppliers. Here are some celebrated movie actors who featured their stylish coat-clad look in some top rated movies. Choose the one you like among them and order online for the same jacket that your favorite superstar had worn on the silver screen.

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Top three heroes who donned stylish jackets:

When talking about jackets, you can not forget the character of Johny Strabler played by Marlon Brando in the movie “The Wild One”. That punk look and piercing stares have made the character eternally memorable by the movie lovers. If that black motorcycle jacket is what you want in your wardrobe, go for custom jackets wholesale. A plethora of online manufacturers offer this service and all you need is spell out your needs and can also place the order for your friends so that they can grab the attractive pieces with ease. The top manufacturers will translate your ideas into reality.

You can not just miss out James Dean in that “Stark” red jacket playing the role of Jim Stark in “The Rebel without a Cause.” The jacket with its bright red hue became recognizable and made Jimmy Dean a style Icon in the 50s decade. These “rebel” jackets are also available with the online jacket suppliers.

That purple long Jacket and Heath Ledger in Batman! Inseparable, right? Though he played the anti hero in Batman, his appearance was a thing to be remembered forever. If you want to enrich the stock of your retail store, then this trendy piece can be a great option. Order for custom jackets wholesale and buy these awesome overcoats in bulk.

The list goes endless when you start counting the movie stars who showed up in fantastic jackets in the movies. Be it a cool, casual college-goer look, or the romantic hero look, jackets can add the perfect dash of panache that will make you stand out in the crowd. So, resort to the online jacket suppliers and bask in the celebrity-like look!

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