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Style Features To Look For While Buying A Trench Coat

Trench coats initially came to be designed particularly to improve the “soldiers’ fortunes” and were typically worn as a piece to get protected from wind and rain, just to provide that additional warmth to the wearer but with times changing, it is now greatly recognised by both men and women as a fashion-wear apart from just a piece of clothing used for staying warm.

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When there are plenty of coat kinds to choose from, what makes a trench coat stay different from the rest? Always remember that a good trench coat comes with unique style features.

For your better understanding, the common ones are listed below.

Single vent feature

The original purpose of having the single back vent feature of a trench coat was to provide enough room to the soldiers to run across the battle-front while making sure they were protected from the strong winds. Though you won’t be doing the same but you can always enjoy the free range of motion your trench coat’ single back vent will provide.

Double-breasted style

Keep in mind that the best trench coats will be double breasted with wide, overlapping front flaps, consisting of two symmetrical column of buttons, 6 to 10 in total. Though single breasted trench coats are available as well but to make matters smoother and secure, the double breasted coats are recommended. The single breasted ones are best suited for men with shorter heights.

Cuff straps

People often talk about the cuff straps being actually once used for holding grenades but that cannot actually be true. The cuff straps of trench coat can be used to tighten the fit to keep the rain out and stay more secure.

Raglan sleeves

The raglan sleeved coat is basically a continuous piece of material extending from the collar of the coat down to the underarm giving the seam a diagonal look. Different from the normal sleeves, they will give you a more relaxed and comfy vibe especially if you wear them with multiple layers of clothes.


Epaulets originally allowed the officers to attach their rank badges without damaging the coat. In modern days, they will add to the beauty of your coat.

Storm flap

Storm flap is another protective feature of the coat assuring that water doesn’t slip into the jacket as it runs down the shoulder. It is very useful as it ensures that the wearer remains dry. As the coat buttons up in two opposite sides for the genders, the storm flap is often witnessed on the left side for women while it is positioned on the right side for men. Earlier, raising the right arm opened and exposed the traditional trench coat’ breast fold to the outside elements, something which you surely not like.

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