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Styling Trench Coats in This Year: 4 Simple Rules to Follow

For every fashion-conscious man and woman, an iconic trench coat is one of the most-loved items in the closet. This particular outerwear goes well with almost any kind of clothing item, be it a dress, a pair of jeans, or sweats! While there have been numerous ways to date to style this versatile and timeless item, how to do that in this year?

Given below are a few expert suggestions so that you can rock them this year’s winter. Check it out now!

The Length of Your Coat and Dress Should Never Be the Same

When you are going for a dress and trench coat combination, make sure that the dress is either shorter than the trench coat or it is a maxi-style one. Never pick a style that is of equal length to that of your trench coat, since it is an absolute fashion disaster. You do not want it to hit right at the hem where it has the chance to peek out just a little, therefore making you look very awkward. Proportion is also important. A fitted or body-con style dress looks amazing with an open no-button trench coat. One of the most respected coat manufacturers brings forward a vast assemblage of stunning, high-quality trench coats!

Choose the Length According to Your Height

Actually, there is no wrong way to wear a trench coat, and as experts say, this is one of the best parts of this outerwear. However, yes, going for a flattering length is a must so that you do not end up getting hidden behind it. For most body shapes, a knee-length trench coat works the best. If you are tall then of course you can go for a mid-calf length, but if you are petite then an above-the-knee style would be perfect for you.

A Dark-color Trench Coat Shouts Versatility!

A dark-shade trench coat, be it black or navy, pulls double duty when it is about switching from a day-to-night look. For instance, you can wear it closed during the day along with a cozy sweater, a pair of quality jeans, and chunky white sneakers, and at night, you can throw it on over a hot tank top, wide-legged jeans, and platform heels. It goes great with both outfits.

Just Tie the Belt

Even if you see your trench coat has a buckle, still, IGNORE it. Just tie the belt in a knot at the front. It will make you look chic and effortlessly casual, all the while enhancing your waist shape. Even if you like to keep your trench coat open most of the time, don’t let the belt hang. Tie it into a loose knot in the back.

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