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The Best V-Day Jacket Outfit Ideas for This Year!

It is less than a month now! Have you started your preps for V-day? Whether your plan involves something totally extraordinary or it is the conventional ‘movie followed by dinner‘ date, you would need attire that can make your bae go crazy for you, all weak in their knees! When it comes to clothing items, jackets do a fine job of elevating an outfit and with reputed jacket manufacturers bringing an astounding variety in numerous colors, prints, cuts, designs, and styles, you can easily take your pick based on your needs and preferences.

Instead of struggling to put together an ensemble a few hours before the V-Day celebration, you can save yourself all that stress by checking out these one-of-a-kind jacket outfit ideas:

5 Exceptional V-day Jacket Outfit Ideas

  • Cupid Approved

Are you heading to an intimate date night?

For her- Consider opting for a midi skirt in blood red. You can pair it with a coordinating noodle-strapped red top for the full-on V-day feel. For the finishing touch, a slim-fit leather jacket would be perfect. Accessorize the look with a classy necklace and pearl studs along with a black clutch. Choose platform heels for the shoes. By the way, it will be great if the fabric is either silk or satin.

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For him- A red Valentine’s shirt is nothing out of the ordinary. However, a red shirt featuring a heart in sequins is. You can combine it with medium-blue denim jeans and a tuxedo jacket to get a both comfortable and voguish look. Reach out for stylish sneakers to head out of the door next. Whether your style is more casual or polished, you are going to love yourself in this combination for sure.

Valentine Vibe: Coordinating Red Top and Skirt, Heart-sequined Shirt

  • The Minimalist Duo

Have a movie-cum-dinner date planned?

For her- Pair a V-neck bubble-gum pink jumpsuit with a cropped denim jacket. An easy-to-wear jumpsuit will just go with this type of V-Day event and this kind of pink color will give a playful and flirty touch to your look. Add a sleek and simple heart-shaped bracelet and kitten heels to the mix and you will be all set. A sling bag is always trending. So, carry one with you for sure.

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For him- To show off your cute side and radiate that attitude, you can team up a dark pink shirt with beige chinos and a crisp white micro jacket. If you want to take your look to the next level, then do go for heart-embossed topsiders. Is it your first V-Day date with your girl? Do pick the best fragrance for yourself in that case (women care a lot about details).

Valentine Vibe: Heart-shaped Bracelet, Heart-embossed Topsiders

  • Red Hot Couple

Thinking about going for a boudoir photoshoot?

For her- Ditching the regular photoshoot, if you have taken the sexier route, then it is truly a great idea— very different from the usual V-Day plans. Yes, the focus should be on getting absolutely vulnerable in front of your partner, but if you want to give a twist to it, then consider adding a satin jacket to your lingerie set. With a glittery chain ruby red push-up bra along with a matching panty set, you can set the bedroom on fire!

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For him- This is the perfect time to make your woman drool over that hot body. However, to tease her, you can think about partnering a snug-fit bomber jacket with your heart-embroidered boxer briefs or trunks. An after-shower photoshoot will make the temperature soar and by the end of the day, you will have plenty of photos together for a private album.

Valentine Vibe: Ruby Red Lingerie Set, Heart-embroidered Boxer Briefs or Trunks

  • A Quirky Love Ensemble

Wish to get lost somewhere together without a set destination in mind?

For her- If you love being cynical, moody, or eccentric in life, you will surely fall for a whimsical pink-white blush bow sweater and a lifestyle jacket in a complementary color. The no-pants trend gained quite some popularity last year and is going strong. If you still have the hang of it, opt for micro denim shorts for the bottoms. Stuff all that you need in your tote before locking the door.

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For him- Think black t-shirt, navy blue Sherpa leather jacket, and regular-fit pants. To tie the look together, you can put on a fedora. To go completely crazy with the look, make sure your jacket features pink hearts adorned with rhinestones! How about grabbing a customized one? There are still some days left for the D-day!

Valentine Vibe: Sherpa Leather Jacket With Rhinestone Hearts

  • ‘Futuristic’ Fab

Planned a themed night?

For her- Why reserve innovative outfits just for Halloween? You can wear one to celebrate something like V-Day as well. All you need are a cranberry red bodycon dress with a boob cut-out, sheer black tights, shearling jacket, and knee-high boots. Do not miss out on a half-moon bag and huge danglers!

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For him- To get a look that is more 2030s, consider throwing on a pinkish silver fashion jacket with a heart in the fringes over a silvery-white turtleneck snug-fit full-sleeve tee. Partner your top wear with matching pants and combat boots. Don’t forget to style your hair accordingly.

Valentine Vibe: Cranberry Red Bodycon Dress, Fashion Jacket With a Fringed Heart


No Matter What You Are Wearing This V-day, Remember These Two Tips for Sure:

  1. The most important rule about dressing up for the “annual day of love” is self-love
  2. Avoid dressing head-to-toe in red or pink

Heart-shaped Accessories That Are Trending Now

valentine day special heart shaped accessories

Want to know which heart-shaped accessories are trending these days for the V-Day celebration? Take a look at the list below:

  • Claw Clips

Claw clips are a favorite of most women. It is considered a non-wash-day accessory by some. To get a cute V-day look, heart-shaped claw clips in blush pink are being purchased in huge numbers these days. They are available in different designs and sizes.

  • Earrings

If you have a subtle style, you are going to love the medium-sized heart-shaped earrings. Buying in different colors like red and pink, you can even mix and match them! It is that era when women pair studs with ear cuffs, so why get afraid?

  • Headband

While the cupid comes with the heart arrows, you can accessorize your ensemble with a pretty heart headband. If you are into Korean fashion like many these days, it’s another strong reason to get one!

  • Socks

Heart-printed socks can be an instant mood booster when you match them with your outfits. They can make your outfit livelier and more interesting.

  • Belt

Wearing bottoms like jeans and shorts, you can not leave them without a belt! A heart buckle belt is a must this V-day!

The Perfect V-day Makeup Styles for Every Glamorous Woman

valentine day make up

Your V-Day look will remain incomplete without the perfect makeup. Here are some ideal makeup styles:

  • Cat’s Eyes With a Heart

To slay your man’s heart with your look, opt for a dramatic appearance with a sharp eyeliner. Consider a cat’s eyes with a heart at the end. What you need to remember here is that, when doing your makeup, make sure to draw your eyeliner first, then finish the rest around it.

  • The Supermodel Lips From the 90s

Have naturally thick fuller lips? To enhance them even more, overline your lips with a burgundy red lip liner and fill the middle portion with a crimson-red glossy shade. You can either keep the rest of your makeup simple or go for Smokey eyes to match those sexy lips.

  • A Monochrome Makeup

Do you love monochrome makeup? For the most romantic take on it, get a pretty-in-pink look with a soft pink eyeshadow, pale pink blush, and hot pink lip shade.

  • Rock-girl Glam

If you are the type who just loves being bold with your choices in life, then this rock-girl glam style will suit you. Embrace your inner Rockstar with purplish-red lipstick and smudgy black liner.

  • Utilizing Geometric Liner

What is a groundbreaking style? It is a graphic liner on V-Day! Do you find the pink shade too common? Or, is the color not for you? Okay, no problem! Think geometric white liner instead! Not mushy-mushy but still romantic!

With all the necessary tips, you are sure to have the best Valentine’s Day ever!