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The Jacket and Dress Combination: 6 Ways to Look Truly Gorgeous

The ‘jacket and dress’ combination is an outfit that may seem a little tricky at first to master but is actually a lot simpler than you imagine. Be it as summer wear, weekend looks, or wedding guest attire, it works great to add to your style once you know how to wear it.

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Here are 6 ways how you can pull off this perfect mix of cool yet lovely combination:

Moto Jacket With a Midi Dress

Create a sharp party look with the help of a moto jacket and a satin slip midi dress. The addition of such an edgy piece with a soft feminine dress is truly classic and one that you can wear for different kinds of occasions.

When Combining With a Maxi Dress…

Depending on the kind of maxi dress you are going with, it is pretty easy to choose a jacket style. However, when it comes to the jacket length, just remember that it should go beyond your hip bones. Also, search for one that comes with a slimmer construction. It should stick to your shape as closely as possible.

Leather Jacket + Leopard Print

If you are a lady with a strong, powerful personality, then a leather jacket and leopard print combination will be ideal for you. Want to add some swag to it? Go for ankle-length black boots.

An All-black Look

The all-black look is an ever-popular one. Whether you are dressing for winter or fall, an all-black outfit is super chic and makes a trendy style statement. If you are going for a flowy, shapeless dress, then a cropped leather jacket would work like a breeze. For a little flair, add a unique headband.

A Twist With Floral Fun

Not just a moto jacket but a satin slip dress looks amazing with something like a denim jacket as well, but don’t pick anything plain. Settle for a floral jean jacket instead. It will offer a pretty, feminine touch to your look, especially if you go for delicate, ankle-strap sandals.

Wool Jacket’s Draping Effect

A long-sleeved turtleneck dress is just ideal to partner with a thick, plain wool jacket. An oversized build jacket with a little longer length, like reaching down just below the hips, will give a cool draping effect over a mid-length dress.

As far as footwear is concerned, you can pick anything, from sneakers to sandals to boots to stilettoes, based on your own personal preference and your look.

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