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The Winter Jacket Styles That Are Super Popular Nowadays

A winter jacket is a must-have to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable during the entire season. Are you thinking about buying a new one soon? Keep on reading to learn about some of the most trending styles.

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Below is a list that discusses some of the most popular winter jacket types.

3-in-1 Jackets

The 3-in-1 jackets are often chosen by many as their favorite winter jacket. They are like a combination of two jackets, a thin synthetic insulating inner liner or a fleece inner and a waterproof outer shell. Their versatility gives you value for money as you have 3 wear options— the shell when it is mild and wet, the liner on cool, dry days, and the two blended for waterproof protection and optimum winter warmth.

Hot Jackets

If you tend to get cold easily or you live in an extremely cold region, then you can trust the hot jackets blindly. They are made with heating elements so that you can stay toasty and warm throughout winter. Different models are available in the market these days. Usually, they charge up via a USB port and can then keep you warm for several hours. Also, these jackets are usually lightweight.


Parka is one of the most popular winter jackets. It often comes with a wide hood that is lined with faux fur or fur. These jackets generally feature a removable lining that you can adjust for warmth, based on where you are going and what you are doing. To protect the wearer from rain, heavy snow, and high winds, a parka works hard.

Puffer Jackets

This year, you are bound to see some puffer jackets on the streets for sure. These jackets get their name from the pattern of stitched areas filled with insulation, which gives them the very puffy look, and based on the density, quality, and loft of insulation, they can range in heaviness. By the way, the down-filled puffer jackets can be a bit more costly.

Snowboard or Ski Jackets

Are you an active person who just loves winter sports? If so, then the snowboard or ski jackets are for you. They are great when you want some thrill minus any shivering. These jackets are made from special fabrics for such winter outdoor activities. They do a great job of keeping you warm and dry and are not too bulky.

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