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Throwback to the Origin of the Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are a fashion apparel that is much in demand today due to their hot appeal. But these jackets were slightly different when they used to be called the letterman jacket before. Here, we shall discuss in detail about how the letter jacket evolved into varsity jackets and the history behind it. Determined to source your stock of varsity jackets? Then, you business owners, should Collab with a reputed manufacturer of trendy wholesale varsity jackets in striking colors.

A Brief Story on Varsity Jackets

The letterman jacket used to be a woolen jacket with leather-crafted sleeves and matching pockets that displayed a big letter on the chest. This jacket was mainly used for playing American sports such as baseball and later came to the light courtesy certain brands. And then it earned recognition as a smart streetwear as artists like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson started to wear it.

Wondering when was the first time anyone wore a letterman jacket? Well, in 1865, the baseball team at Harvard University put on this cool jersey on the field during a match. Back then this outerwear was quite different from the varsity jacket known to us currently. The letter jacket uniform used to be a heavy vest made from wool at the center of which the players got a huge ‘H’ embroidered, enhancing its style.

In 1891, black jerseys were mostly worn by players and the ‘H’ was a constant feature on the chest portion of this sportswear. This inspired the weaving of letterman cardigans or pullovers that reflected ones pride of hailing from a specific university in the US. During the start of 1900, the football team under the same university wore these jackets distinguished by the huge impression of ‘H’. The rule was that those who did not participate had to give back their sports jacket while those playing against major teams from Princeton or Yale could wear them.

After that, these uniform jerseys began to be customized and the embroideries were made to reflect a players rank. For instance, the captain could be identified by the star on the middle of his jacket or by the result of a game highlighted on it.

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In 1930, the varsity jacket came to existence. As athletes were asking for heavy clothes to safeguard against the cold, the wool jerseys started featuring leather sleeves as well as buttons. The letter was shifted to one side and the letterman jacket became a status pride of universities. Players could only earn it by performing well on the field. And after they were rewarded with it, they had to get it sewn onto their jersey.

Right from Ivy League Universities to all the schools and colleges in America, the letterman custom became popular and athletes in these institutions started to wear the varsity jacket. In the ‘80s, the varsity jacket rose to prominence further as American sports franchises created unique versions of these jerseys such as those done by the Los Angeles Raiders in the matter of football and the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks in baseball.

Gradually, the pop culture took to the varsity trend in 1983 and MJ sported a varsity jacket showcasing ‘M’ on his chest in his music video, Thriller. This increased the hype. Hip-hop artists like N.W.A and Run-D.M.C transformed this jacket into a classic street item that is no more limited to being associated with sports only. Ultimately, towards the end of ‘80s and in the early ‘90s, the varsity jacket stood out as an immensely cool and fashionable streetwear. Stussy designed varsity jackets using conventional materials like wool and leather via older production techniques. Homeboy Jacket and One Love are two classic reinterpretations of this iconic jacket.

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