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The Tricks Of Dressing Crewneck Sweaters For Men For 2 Different Occasions!

First worn by the USA navy officers, crewnecks became popular in 1932 when they were developed as an undergarment. However, with the transition of period, they were worn by the American football players. Known for being extremely comfortable, they slowly but steadily made their way into the fashion circuit and cemented their place.

The most basic feature that can be related with crewnecks is that they sit on the collarbone and is one of the most traditional jumper styles. Because of its clean finish, it suits all body types and hence explains the popularity. It blends well with all outfits and is thus considered to be versatile. It can be worn with shirts and t-shirts, and is truly timeless, for even after so many years, it has retained its place on the fashion board and in our closets. And definitely crewnecks reminds us of one of the iconic fictional characters on TV, Chandler Bing!

Here is a list that highlights how to wear a crew neck for two different occasions to look at the top of your fashion game, always!

Crew neck for the casual gathering

To own the crewneck look, wear it with a t-shirt. That is the single most brilliant way to wear the jumper. Since, the collar sits perfectly on the base of your neck, it hides the tee inside. So you can add as many layers as you want to. Team it with a pair of slim fit jeans and low tops sneakers to look your best for all casual outings. You can use a scarf for accessories, which will amplify the ensemble. Opting for basic colours like navy and pastels will make a good choice. But if you want to experiment with your appearance, then go for vivid and vibrant shades of pink, red and green. They will surely make heads turn and help you garner compliments everywhere you go.

Crew neck for the formal day

We usually avoid wearing jumpers to office for they have a very casual approach to themselves. But if teamed with the correct clothing combination, they can actually help you be a stand out in the crowd. Pick a plaid flannel shirt and combine it with the crew neck jackets, which should preferably be in a lighter shade. You can further wear a pair of tailored chinos and complete the look with oxfords. A wristwatch and a sunglass should be your only pick for accessories. The minimal approach will create the maximum effect. However, refrain from wearing a jacket on top of this coupling for it will make you look flashy.

To conclude, it can be said that this traditional fashion piece has come a long way and rightfully deserves a place in our closets. With a number of prominent manufacturers assembling a large inventory of products that range from customized leather jacket to jumpers, if you are a retailer you can buy them in bulk at discounted rates. Just register online and stay updated with the latest trends and designs.