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Types of Softshell Jackets That Every Outdoor Activity Lover Should Know About

The jackets that are crafted out of a tightly-woven, stretchable, smooth-faced material which generally comprises elastane blended with nylon are softshell jackets. These jackets are well-known for their water and wind resistance, amazing breathability, shape-hugging fit, and unrestrictive range of motion. They are primarily designed to fill the gap between a fleece that provides little wind protection and waterproofing ability and a waterproof jacket that is less stretchable.

These jackets are now taken to be a great alternative to fleece outerwear and conventional hardshell jackets. They are warmer than a rain jacket or hardshell. It is true that they are pretty versatile and are just a superb choice for outdoor activities but then, they are also great for everyday use and simple activities because of water and wind resistance.

A softshell jacket manufacturer makes 3 three types available today to suit a wide range of purposes and conditions.

Heavyweight Softshell Jackets

The heavyweight softshell jackets are big and burly. With a heavyweight wind-stopping material outside and flurry fleece inside, these jackets are made to deliver the ultimate level of warmth. They are the very base of a great layering system for higher-altitude mountaineering endeavors. When such a jacket is combined with a mid-weight fleece pullover and Merino wool base layer, it offers reliable protection for a full day of mountaineering and climbing. Taking an extra down jacket is like having extra help ready when needed.

Lightweight Softshell Jackets

Lightweight softshell jackets come somewhere between a jacket and a shirt but act as a superb cover-up against the persistent wind and blazing sun, which is the picture in high-altitude summer situations. These awesome jackets are ideal for being active on a cool winter day. In addition to this, lightweight softshell jackets can easily be packed. If you plan to go on a winter day hike in the green mountains, you can wear a specially-designed top for that, and once you hit the above-treeline winds, you can just pull out a lightweight softshell.

Midweight Softshell Jackets

Midweight softshell jackets are like all-rounders. Whether it’s for cross-country skiing, hiking, or to just wear around town, they are a layer perfect for winter, that you would like to wear all day. They look after your comfort as well as style. When constructed out of fleece-backed polyester, they offer good protection against elements.

Hence, it can be said that softshell jackets are no doubt one of the most versatile items of outdoor apparel.

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