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Varsity Jacket Style Perfect for Men in This Year

It’s true that some classic clothing pieces never die. But in the past few years, manufacturers were especially keen on revisiting the sportswear of yesteryear. The current popularity of the varsity jacket is a testimony to this fact.

For the retailers there’s an enviable collection to choose from the varsity jackets wholesale manufacturers.

If you want to make it big in the apparel industry, read on to find out which jacket trends are perfect for the investment.

Sharp and minimalist

Look for a minimalist jacket with a brilliant design that focuses on the details, then. These jacket collection boasts of clean silhouette and graphic stripes at the shoulder line, it has a crisp, almost smart appearance. You can dress it up by keeping the rest of your outfit monochrome, opting for a pair of black wool trousers and some well-polished formal shoes.

Timeless and casual

Jeans, Converse high-tops, a chambray shirt and a varsity jacket, these all re apparel items that have been available and widely worn since the middle of the 20th century. In short, this combination just works, and will continue to do so. You can wear it for a casual weekend gateway or simply for a sudden date to the park. This outfit will appeal men with a rectangular body type as the layered top wear helps to balance the look.

Sophisticated and sleek

Manufacturers have transformed the collegiate style varsity style into a sleek and sophisticated grown-up version that’ll definitely appeal to your style senses. You can look for a jacket that is rendered in navy hues, and is perfect for styling with light colored bottom-wear like khakis and even a pair of white pants. Add a pair of light-brown sneakers to bring out the sleek aesthetic of the outfit.

Business owners who want to surprise their customers with an updated collection of men’s jacket in their store can contact one of the popular down jacket manufacturers. Browse through the ever expansive clothing collection and select the pieces that appeals to your senses. You can even avail cool discounts on your bulk investment, hence hurry!

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