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Men’s Coat Guide To Prep For The Next Season

Any halfway civilized guys’ coat must keep you from turning into a human icicle, but staying stylish, dry, and warm at the same time takes a tad more consideration. Trends, by definition, come and go. Rather than concentrating on the fads of the day, we’ve diverted our attention on a few coat styles from popular coat manufacturers that have stood the test of time.

The Parks

When it comes to weathering the basics, the parka is queen. The parkas of the present day are fabricated from lightweight synthetic fabrics and lined with down. These upgraded fabrics have incorporated weight to the initial design and added to the contemporary parka’s puffy appearance. It is not rare to hear a parka referred to as a puffer coat. A parka ranges in length from knee-length to waist-length and usually features a huge and fur-lined hood as well as a zipper closure.

The parka devises an athletic look best suited for the laid-back outfit and makes for an unbelievable outer shell to your other cold-weather layers.

The Duffle coat

This coat more often than not has 3-4 toggles called walrus teeth that are fixed firmly with rope or leather loops. Its extra-large hood was at first designed to enable space for a naval cap to stay on beneath. This coat also features a buttonable strap at the two patch pockets and neck. Apart from the toggles, a defining trait of the duffle coat is its fluffy tartan lining. Contemporary styles of this coat typically end at about hip-length, even though more original styles extend to the knee.

This coat is generally worn casually as its vibrant characteristics would considerably dress down formal attire. The duffle coat is ideal for grabbing drinks with a buddy or running errands.

The Car coat

The car coat is usually made of bulky wool and features an even front placket on top of its closure to guard against rain and wind. A standard car coat is thigh-length with a straight collar and a couple of welt pockets. The kind of closure varies between buttons and a zipper, although buttons are most common. The car coat is a useful coat that isn’t bulky on the details but offers fashionable minimalism to any attire.

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