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Where To Wear a Bomber Jacket In Winter

Bomber jackets have become staple pieces during the colder months of the year. They provide the basic warmth you need from winter outerwear, and are super stylish as well. On top of that, they’re also versatile options that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

For those looking for tips on sporting these specific jackets, or perhaps needing a push to get in on the trend, here are six ideas for where to rock your bomber with ease this winter.

A Bonfire at the Beach

If you live on the coast and in a warmer climate, having a bonfire on the beach with friends is a perfect way to spend a winter night. Bring supplies for s’mores, a six pack, and be sure to get their before the sun sets to claim your pit. As the night progresses you can share some spooky stories (or just casually chat) while cozying up by the fire. But prior to heading out to the beach, put on your go-to bomber and some dark jeans so that you stay casually fashionable even in the firelight (and you’re warm enough when the flames flicker away).

Ice Skating

If you’re coordinated enough for it, ice skating can be a surprisingly fun social activity in the winter. And while the rink is bound to be cold, skating is a good workout, and can get your temperature rising anyway. For this reason, a lightweight bomber jacket is the way to go, as a perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cold option.

A Professional Basketball Game

For those on the sportier side, going to a professional basketball game makes for an ideal winter night out. Anyone inclined to head to a game, however, knows that stadiums can be a lot warmer than you’d guess from outside during the winter – which means bulky outerwear is going to be a pain. A bomber is a nice lighter option that will still have you looking every bit as stylish as some of the celebrities sitting courtside.

Las Vegas Casino

With poker apps and European slot gaming sites growing more readily available, it’s reasonable to suspect some might forgo casinos altogether during the winter. If you’d rather enjoy the real thing though, Vegas in winter can actually be nice due to marginally lighter crowds. With many of today’s casinos no longer adhering to a strict dress code, a bomber jacket can be a great, stylish option to wear while you try to hit it big. You’ll look great, you won’t overheat at the card tables, and you’ll be warm enough in the cool desert air on The Strip.

A Hip Brewery

During the winters, breweries are fun places to go to enjoy holiday beers with ingredients like juniper, figs, and persimmons – as well as just good spots to soak up a festive atmosphere. Nowadays, though, while breweries still trend casual, there’s a stylish element to them as well. You definitely don’t want to look like the scruffiest guy at the bar, after all. So in order to match the scene, opt for a classic look. We’d recommend slim-fit chinos, a dark crew-neck shirt, a black leather bomber, and black chelsea boots.

A Casual First Date

If winter coincides with your finally getting up the courage to ask your crush out to a local coffee shop, your style will definitely be on your mind. You’ll want to make an impression in case you hit it off, but you won’t want to go overboard and wear something you wouldn’t ordinarily dress in. Basically, your three-year-old flannel and holey jeans are off the table, but your newest suit would be over the top. A casually stylish look highlighted by a bomber can be the perfect midpoint – and your date will think so too.

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