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Which Features Make a Quality Raincoat?

When it’s monsoons, you know you can not avoid a heavy downpour or worse a sudden rain shower. If you have finally decided to get rid of that age-old raincoat and go for a premium-quality one, then there are certain features that you should make sure your raincoat has.

Waterproof Fabric

First and foremost, you should see whether it is made of a waterproof fabric. A reputed brand will always mention to what level it’s waterproof. Remember, a waterproof fabric differs from a water-repellant material as they are tested in the lab using the hydrostatic head or water-column test. This particular test shows how tall a column of water a fabric can hold before water starts seeping through it. Usually, a fabric is taken to be waterproof if it can resist 3000 mm of water from leaking through, during the hydrostatic head test. One of the most well-recognized raincoat manufacturers comes with a humongous collection of stylish wholesale raincoats that are constructed out of moisture-wicking, waterproof materials!

A Functional Hood

A raincoat should come with a large hood to cover your head. But what else? Well, it should have thick drawstrings to quickly tighten the hood around your face during a sudden downpour. An adjustable, small peak on the front would be a bonus as it shelters your eyes and allows you to see without any difficulty. It can also protect glasses from getting fogged.

Sealed Seams

Even if your raincoat is made of a good-quality waterproof material, it can still leak if the seams have been just sewn and not sealed. In a good raincoat, the seams will be sealed with special waterproof tape from the inside after being sewn. Always keep in mind that if the raincoat isn’t completely seam-sealed then it’s not entirely waterproof.


If your raincoat is rubberized or is not at all breathable, then you can start sweating and feel like almost melting away in just a few minutes of walking! Make sure your raincoat is created out of a breathable fabric. The breathability of the material shows how well it can absorb sweat and release it. However, the more breathable it is, the more warmth it will lose as well. So, you need to decide what you will be using it, for most of the time!


You need to consider the length of the raincoat as well. A bit of a longer length at the back side is always good. It will help with better coverage from the rain.

If you are a business owner willing to stock fashionable, superior-quality bulk coats for your valued customers, then hurry and start wholesale shopping from one of the most prominent coat manufacturers now!

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