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Why Buy Quilted Vests and How to Wear Them

Do you know what makes winter the best season of all? A cup of hot cocoa? No. Warm and cozy fires? No. Snowfall? No. While all these are just a part of the chilly season and Christmas remains unbeatable, the quilted vests make winter more enjoyable. During this time, you get to wear many layering outfits and these vests can be an unforgettable part of your day-to-day attire.

Oh! And it’s not just winter but if you want then you can also wear it in fall.

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Why a Quilted Vest?

  • The quilting offers the jacket a distinct texture and visual appeal that works best in layered attire. When you add it to your other clothing items, it gives an exciting, interesting look to the mix.
  • On less chilly days, a quilted vest can act as an outer layer, and when the temperature drops even more, it can act as a supportive mid-layer.
  • One of the best benefits of wearing quilted vests is they not only go great with jackets but when you wear them alone with your shirts or tees, they give you the much-needed warmth minus the bulky sleeves.
  • As vests have more shape and structure, a good-fitting one can slim down your profile.

How to Wear a Quilted Vest

  • Under a Heavy Coat

The quilted vest does an amazing job of adding visual interest to the ensemble, breaking up the texture, color, and weight of the outfit. For the ideal winter look, use a long-sleeve tee as the base layer, throw on a quilted vest as a mid-layer on top of it, and add a coat as the final layer. Put on black jeans and tan brown boots to finish the look.

  • With a Checked Shirt

If you want to achieve a look that will help you to stand out from the rest then wear a checked shirt, a quilted vest, matching trousers, and formal loafers. These are pieces that are always available in a man’s closet so you don’t need to make any effort of shopping.

  • Along With a Solid Flannel or Plaid Flannel Shirt

The last one is best for fall. Instead of a normal button-down, think about wearing a solid rugged flannel shirt. Pair it with your chinos and throw on nice cotton socks and boat shoes to complete the look. If you wish you can also go for plaid flannel.

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