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Why Should You Invest on the Consumer Approved Wholesale Windbreaker?

Wholesale jackets like windbreakers are without doubt the lightest weight and thinnest outer shell garment that you can own but have a surprising amount of usage overlap with higher priced and more durably constructed rain jackets and hard-shell jackets. Hence let’s look through the blog to find out the two very important reasons why windbreaker is better, and you should invest in it.

Water Resistance and DWR

Constructed of only a single layer of fabric, wind breakers do not contain a waterproof membrane like their heavier duty counterparts. This means that in theory, they would get soaked by even the slightest amount of rain. To combat this, manufacturers applied a DWR coating to the outside of all but one of the jackets that we tested. DWR coatings are important for two reasons. First off, they cause water to bead up and fall off a fabric, rather than soak in. This is what is meant by water resistant. Secondly, they help a fabric to breathe by keeping it dry. If a fabric is soaked through, it cannot allow water vapor to pass from the inside to the outside, and breathing is effectively stopped.

The limitation of DWR coatings is that they wear off with time. This process is dependent upon the quality of the coating applied by the manufacturer but is also affected by the amount of abrasion that a jacket is exposed to and hence it needs to be used accordingly.

Wind Resistance vs. Breathability

Wind resistance and breathability are both attributes that are highly desirable for a wind breaker to have and are both dependent on the type and weave of the fabric used in constructing a wind breaker. In some experience testing, these two attributes tend to work at odds with each other. Consider: both wind resistance and breathability have to do with the ability of air to move through fabric. If no air can move through, then the fabric will be very wind resistant. If lots of air can pass through, then it will of course be very breathable. For single layered wind breakers, it is found that these attributes tended to work against each other, and jackets were either vey breathable but not super wind resistant, the exact opposite of that, or fell in the middle of the spectrum in both.

The other strategy is to have a fairly impermeable face fabric, meaning it is wind resistant but therefore doesn’t breathe well, and offset that with copious amounts of venting. Of course, the thing worth noting in this discussion is that the rating scores for each of these metrics are based upon comparison testing, and it is found that even when rated a product pretty low for wind resistance, it was still doing a good job. There were no jackets in this test that were simply not wind resistant.

Hence hopefully these reasons will prove to be helpful for you when you think about bulk ordering a jacket from one of the best windbreaker manufacturers that too in reasonable deals.

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