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Here Is What You Need to Know Everything About Bomber Jackets

With the winds blowing in all their glory, all the winter essentials have tumbled out of the closet. Among all of these, if there is one piece that occupies the sartorial wall of fame then it has to be the bomber jacket. Since the bomber jackets’ crossover from flight pilot gear into mainstream culture, celebrities across the world have been featured on page 3 in photographs, donning the bomber. Undeniably cool and reserving its glamour spot, the bomber jacket is timelessly fashionable. The next few sections will give you a low down on all that you need to know about the bomber jacket.

Say Hello to the Bomber Jackets! Introducing the Bomber Jackets in All Its Grandeur.

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The bomber jacket is a unique combination of both style and functional use. Being cropped short with a waistband, it fits the wearer snugly. The full sleeves have enough room to allow free movement of the arms while the round neck color a louse unobstructed flexing of the neck in all directions.

The jacket itself is made of materials that are fused to provide the weather with protection from the natural elements while also being comfortable. There are currently many different types and forms of the bomber jacket but all of them have one thing in common – a highly functional piece of clothing which has now become some sort of an epic in the fashion world.

Want to Know Where It All Began….

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The history of the bomber jacket is as illustrious as its current avatar in popular media and culture. What began primarily as a military garment for pilots during the First World War has come a long way since its defense origin. While the earliest known variants of the bomber jackets were designed keeping in mind the harsh temperatures at high altitudes and the low protection of the dated fighter planes, the current bomber jackets have retained the original form but have evolved quite a bit since then.

The evolution started during the Second World War when the B1 bomber jackets were adopted with thick sheep skin and added fur to protect the wearer. The US created their variant of the MA1 jacket which is the current template for all the popularly worn bomber jackets that we see around.

Bomber Jacket in Popular Culture:

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The Bomber jacket has survived two world wars and decades of fashion evolution. It is such a cult look, that most of us have already seen it without knowing its name. The jacket owes its predominance in popular culture to Hollywood and some of the biggest stars flaunting it as a sign of poise or even rebellion. While the present generation may not recall Marlon Brando in the 1954 classic ‘On The Waterfront’, they have definitely been awed by Tom Cruise in his signature aviator sunglasses and bomber jacket in ‘Top Gun’.

In its current form, the bomber jacket has now become so ubiquitous that it effortlessly pairs with trousers for a sharp formal look or even with denims for a rugged casual look.

Types of Bomber Jackets:

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It is time to buckle up and take a deep dive into the vast variety of bomber jackets.

  1. Flaunt the Classic- The quintessential OG classic bomber jackets can be the perfect friend to kickstart that adventure that was long due. With their timeless appeal, these classics have made their way to the showstopper’s wardrobe. The jackets come with seamless hemline, collar, and ribbed cuffs that help assimilate your sense of style effortlessly and in an old-school wrap present nostalgia in the coolest way. This piece is a must-have in men’s wardrobe.
  2. Sophisticated in Leather– From runway models to rocking party nights, leather bomber jackets are a constant companion. The rebels of the bomber family, this bomber jacket has the vibe of going against the grain in the smoothest way possible. Oozing with elegance and attitude, the leather bombers can be ultimate game changers. In today’s contemporary fashion world, leather bomber jackets are fashion statements and not just pieces of clothing.
  3. Poised and Polished in Polyester- This edition of bomber jackets is extremely versatile and most importantly very lightweight. Therefore, packing in for travel purposes becomes very easy with these bomber jackets. Perfect party wear, these polyester jackets look ultra-stylish and are a sheer hit especially among the millennials gradually transcending its glory to the gen z. The polyester bomber jackets come in various patterns and colors hence they can turn any mundane clothes into perfect style wear.
  4. Stylish in Nylon- These nylon bomber jackets are smooth and look extremely sleek. Blending perfectly with contemporary styles these jackets have made their way to not only runways but also Instagram posts of celebrities worldwide. The nylon jackets are your best pick for days when you are not too sure about what to wear. Well, we might go as far as to say they are the Batman of the jacket world saving your day from fashion faux-pas.
  5. Comfortable in Cotton- Does your calendar have a beautiful midsummer night’s party schedule? Close your eyes and pick up the cotton bomber jacket. Breathable and comfortable, these jackets are for the very subtle cool days allowing you to embrace a very chilled and laid-back vibe. These jackets add that edge and flair to your t-shirts so don’t forget to style up.
  6. Not So Mainstream in Military- These military bomber jackets come in olive green or brown camouflaging patterns, and give you a vibe of authority. With these jackets making quirky statement pieces in today’s fashion, you can be all ready to parade in style and conquer the world of fashion. This jacket has a rugged charm of its own and is perfect for a safari vacation or that long due trekking.
  7. The Nautical Vibe of Navy- The Navy Bomber Jacket is extremely stylish and has a very natural boyish charm to it. Are you dressing up casually? Well, this navy bomber can add just the right amount of understated elegance to your look. This jacket is best for men who like to dress up refined yet keep it subtle.
  8. Charming in the Flight Bomber- Inspired by the flight pilots’ jacket, these bombers come with zipped pockets, with a sleek design. These jackets can keep you warm in chilly weather so if you love the snow or even the chill then such jackets are your partner in crime.

Patterns of Bomber Jackets:

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Well-known for their style and versatility, bomber jackets, boast a collection of patterns that add to the style quotients of these jackets. The padded pattern bomber jacket has thick insulation, that provides much warmth and is fit for harsh climates. These types of jackets have blended into the fashion world and have become extremely functional. having a rough impression, it complements different ensembles.

On the other hand, the quilted pattern, marked by a detailed hemline adds a hint of sophistication but provides extra insulation. The aesthetic appeal of this jacket is much higher thus placing it as a common choice for both formal and informal gatherings.

Know the Color Realm of Bomber Jackets:

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When it comes to colors, bomber jackets come in various shades. From the all-time favorite black to the statement red, or the olive green and the soothing tones of blue, every color of these bomber jackets can be a portrayal of a mood. The maroon is replete with refinement, while sage steers the limelight through its subdued charm. The brighter colors like yellow are perfect for those quirky Instagram posts.

The neutral and classic palette includes dark brown, camel brown, tan, and such shades that allow you to flaunt the timeless appeal that these jacket colors bring. Be it a dark-colored bomber jacket or one of a lighter shade, these jackets will be the most durable and fashion-forward clothing pieces ever.

How Bomber Jackets Got Mainstream With the Popular Celebs

The bomber jacket has seen various forms and makes over the years. Beginning with thick sheep skin to more contemporary fabrics that are blended with synthetic or nylon for added durability – there is no dearth of different types of jackets. What is constant is the style factor that every bomber jacket brings. Here are some major heart throbs who have popularized the bomber jacket like no other!

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  • Ryan Gosling needs no introduction with his sharp looks and enigmatic smile. When he flaunted the bomber jacket in the 2010 movie ‘Drive’, the world went into a tizzy over his minimalistic jacket that was without evident pockets. The textured collars and cuffs created a look that is still talked about on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • For the retro-inspired, the 1950s cinematic giant James Dean was quoted the part in the movie ‘Rebel without a Cause’ in his brown zipper bomber.
  • For those of us 90s kids, however, no one means bomber jackets like Tom Cruise. In his signature aviator glasses and fitted bomber jackets, he literally did it when the background score went ‘take my breath away…’
  • For those who like their music a bit more rebellious, Kanye West always comes across as ‘stronger‘. In his Balmain leather bomber jacket, Kanye made a bold statement with the all-black loom and the zipper that made him look broad and really went well with the message of his hit song.

Know the Differences Between Bomber Jackets and Other Types of Jackets:

  • Bomber Jacket and Puffer Jacket- Bomber jackets are slightly on the heavier side whereas puffer jackets are light. The bombers have a nice fit while the puffers have a loose one.

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  • Bomber Jacket and Biker jacket- The collar part of the bomber jacket can be folded but the biker jacket has a spread collar giving it an unruly edge, and comes in various lengths, unlike the short bomber.

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  • Bomber Jacket and Parka Jacket- Bomber jackets are versatile with sleek designs and are short while the parkas jackets are long and best for inclement weather.

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  • Bomber jacket and Varsity Jacket- Bombers were uniforms as stated earlier therefore it has that vibe to it. Bombers are lightweight and come with zippers. On the other hand, a varsity jacket combines a unique style and is usually woolen. Varsity jackets have a big letter embossed on the left chest.

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So now that you know the differences you can pick your choice of jacket according to the occasion! In this style, trek makes the bomber jacket a part of it, and witness how it unravels the best for you. You have a bomber jacket for every day and every mood. So, pick up the jacket zip and let the style do the talking! Those who are dealing in jackets and want to store some of the popular varieties to woo their retail customers must have a good stock of bomber jackets ordered in bulk from a famed jacket manufacturer. 

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